I recently opened the proverbial door to an apologist I'd met via email. He seemed reasonable so when he said he thought he had some solid reasons for belief I agreed to listen but after seeing a general outline of his lines of evidence for the existence of god, I broke it off. It was all the same apologetics you've ever read and I was like *yawn* I told him that I'd heard it all before, read the counter arguments and done some thinking before we'd ever met and found what he considered evidence to be lacking. I'm not interested in supplying him with refutations to arguments that have already been pwned a billionty times.

He sends me an email about how he knew I just didn't want to accept the evidence for god and wasn't interested in finding the truth.


You know, I'm done. I hereby refuse to engage apologists from this point onward, at least not until they have some new evidence or reasons I should listen. I was cleaning and thinking about the universe today and realized that the idea of a god sounds so made up and childish I find it hard to believe that people who claim to be theists actually believe their dogmas. I find it all to be so ridiculous I've developed a, "whatever you want to believe, you unevolved simpleton" type of attitude towards religion in general.


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