Apparently There Are Atheists in Foxholes

Despite the old saying “there are no atheists in foxholes” apparently those that hold to that point of view haven’t kept up with the sea change in religious thought occurring in the military.  The Military Leadership Diversity Commission found “a gradual trend in the United States toward greater percentages of people claiming no religious affiliation, a phenomenon reflected in ARIS [American Religious Identification Survey].”

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute survey found that 25.5 per cent of service members claim no religious affiliation while nearly five per cent choose to affiliate as “Humanist” (3.61) and “Pagan” (1.18).  While the nations’ Christian population stands at 74 per cent, only 66 per cent of those serving our country in uniform claim Christianity as their religious identification.  The survey also found that “No Religious Preference” (NRPs) was highest among the under 30 year old – accounting for 28 per cent of the military in that age bracket.


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