Arabic antisemitism - forget Muhammad cartoons

Whenever "insults" against Islam come up i hear complaints by Muslims that people don't respect their prophet, don't respect Allah and don't respect the Arabic culture (being the main classical home location of that religion).

Someone wants to burn a Quran ... people die. It actually doesn't even matter if he really burns it or not.

Someone publishes cartoons, death threats follow.

Someone makes a critical film, death follows.

People make critical remarks in the west they are threatened; if they make them in Islamic countries they are thrown in prison or punished by death.

And basically we get two main reactions:

  1. Islam is peaceful and so are all Muslims except a few
  2. Kill those that insult Islam.

Attitude 1 tells us that supposedly only few are fundamentalist or bad and that the vast majority of people is not and that they harbor no hatred against anybody. Actually they supposedly are the victims of a campaign against Islam.

Attitude 2 tells us that Islam is a hate mongering religion or at least its followers are.

Which one is right is not always visible.

But something is clear.

The Muslim world has not objected against hatred spit forth from people of their own. Not even, when it was plainly visible on TV like in the video below. Of course it is selective and of course MEMRI is not the most neutral organization. But anyone who watches Arab TV as i do knows that these are not faked videos. If Muslims claim that the world has targeted them because of their religion, should they not rethink if this statement is more a representation of what they do with "Jews"?

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