Given that the tasks for which men may have been necessary no longer require them (via the invention of IVF, vibrators, the mechanisation of typically masculine work, the ability of women to work & jar opening technology), can we say that men (in the roles by which they have traditionally been known) are obsolete?

Partly a joke (at least the jar opening bit), but mostly serious.

The 21st century may be a good time for men to reconsider their/our place in the world.

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Comment by Alan Perlman on February 26, 2013 at 3:53pm

Hear, hear!  I have been trying to define masculinity all my life against a variety of assaults, beginning in the 60s, and some of them from me: being a man does not mean shooting guns, riding motorcycles, or watching sports. 

By the same token, men die of wars of their own making, including religious conflicts and persecutions (anybody know any female leaders of the Inquisiton?).  If humanity can abolish war (and maybe, farther down the line, religion), one of men's primary roles/occupations will be cut off.  But maybe not: There are even women in the military now. 

I don't think you can define gender by expected tasks, although men still take out the trash, kill bugs, and remove the dead rodent that the cat has deposited on your bed (actually happened to me).

As to masculinity, I'm open to suggestions.

Maybe we should not be focusing on differences but on how both genders could work together to end war and religion. 

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