I was looking at the list of members in my SETI@Home group I belong to and seen that an inactive member changed his/her name to Goodbye SETI, I've found Jesus Christ!.


I do not know anything other than this name exists. I do not know what the name was before the change. I do not know any history of any kind about this user. So what can I say about this discovery?


There are no restrictions to joining SETI@Home or our group, so it could be a plant. An unscrupulous xtian created a user with that name not intending to contribute to SETI@Home at all. What this xtian thought they would accomplish with this is anyone's guess. 


It could be a person who is a xtian, but for some reason, they got mad at God and thought they would try science for while. If they were such a person, where were we when he/she needed us? Did we lose a fish to those horrific fisherman?


It could also be a hoax, but as to who would perpetrate such a hoax, or what they were trying to prove is beyond me. I'm sure you think a xtian would create such a hoax.


Has anyone else found something like this in their daily lives and found out more about the person?

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Comment by Cane Kostovski on January 2, 2012 at 7:18am

Technically, every child indoctrinated is an Atheist lost.

Comment by Richard K. Emms on September 30, 2011 at 6:43am
I echo Nerdlass's comments.  Some folks never fully let go.  They keep shards of religion in a back closet of their minds "just in case".
Comment by Nerdlass on September 30, 2011 at 1:02am

Sometimes people aren't ready to give up their crutches. If you visit any ex-christian group, you'll see people who are plagued by the indoctrination, even when they know it isn't real. There are some that just cannot cope with reality as it is, and for whatever other reasons, they re-embrace their previous beliefs. Now, as to whether or not they ever lost their faith completely and somehow regained it, I have no idea. I would gather it is plausible, but a rare event indeed. Have you ever tried to convince yourself of Santa or the Easter Bunny after learning they weren't real? Danged near impossible. What's more, while the G-man is along the same lines as Santa and E.B., hell versus coal in one's stocking is very different. There are ex-believers who are still afraid of hell, some even afraid of other make-believe things like demons. I know this, because I've been there, myself. I've read others' posts of their worries and fears.


Some go back, for 'the sake of the family.'


But in the end, it is one's own choice whether or not they will listen to reason or go the path of least resistance (if their community and family are religious, that is). It's akin to gay people passing as hetero, in order to try and fit into the community they're in. Is it disingenuous? Yep. Is it our fault? Nope. Each person must make that decision on their own.



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