A few months ago my cousin - a highly religious girl - posted a status stating that she is extremely disappointed that she won't be enrolling her future unborn son in to boy scouts.

Why? Because they allow gay children in.

Naturally, I debated with her, in which her mother joined in, talking about how homosexual actions are a "sin against god."
I then pointed out many other "sins" against god (i.e: eating pork, or wearing clothing of two separate fabrics, etc. etc.)

My aunt's response? "It doesn't matter; to sin is to sin."

I...I don't even understand what she was attempting to argue...But she then went on to talk about how we get our morals from god, from the bible, asking where I get my morals from if I support gay rights so strongly (they don't know I'm atheist).

My father joined in then. Though he is my aunt's brother, and is Christian and doesn't know of my lifestyle choice either, he instantly stepped in to say "she get's them from me" and went on to say that he raised me right, that he supports me, is proud that I stood my ground, and that my sense of moral should never be questioned.

The moral of this story? Always support your children. If you must place your faith in anything, place it in your children, and how you raised them. Be proud if they stand their ground, and have their back if someone is knocking against them. Even if you don't agree with their opinion (which thankfully, my father does) you do everything you can to help them stand for what they believe in.

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Comment by Michael Penn on November 18, 2013 at 6:59am

I'm not sure if the Boy Scouts are "sinning" or not if  a few of them turned out to be "gay." How would you know unless they went around advertizing it? "Hey, Charlie, I'm a Boy Scout and I'm gay. How about that?" Another fear might be that the "gay ones" would be attacking your "straight" child or try to "convert him."

What I DO know is that girls should not be allowed to be Boy Scouts! Why? They are the wrong gender and should be Girl Scouts. LBGT or not, we're going to go with your body design on this one.

Comment by Loren Miller on November 16, 2013 at 6:52am

"To sin is to sin."

What is so frightening about that business is both the odd and random nature of what their deity calls sin and the completely over-the-top punishments (usually DEATH) they prescribe for those sins.

Even worse, the picking and choosing which is right in front of both their and our faces regarding which of those sins they decide need to be observed and which ... well, we'll just let those slide.  As regards that, I wonder if your aunt has made any recent trips to Red Lobster, and if she's aware of Leviticus 11:9-12.

Personally, I enjoy pork (my wife makes GREAT BBQ pulled pork!), shrimp scampi, and my cotton-synthetic blend shirts, and I mean to continue enjoying all of the above.  I would give a lot to know just who it is I'm harming in indulging in any of the above [I should mention, my health is excellent for a man of nearly 63 years] and just why their god would be offended by any of the above actions.

Frankly, that's the biggest gap in this whole business: the WHY behind these blanket declarations.  Not one of them has an explanation behind them, a justification or rationale which shows the benefit of following these supposedly adamantine rules.  The old business about pork and trichinosis is the only one of the three which even remotely has any sense behind it, though that problem has long since been scotched.  The problem is that these were less laws conceived for the benefit of the people than they were DICTATES, some sensible, some not, but all aimed at controlling the behavior of the group they were aimed at.  Those people back then were largely ignorant, and when proclamations came from the cognoscenti, they were likely treated as ABSOLUTE LAW.

Check me on this ... just a guess ... but I think we've come just a little ways in the 2,500 years since then.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on November 16, 2013 at 6:41am

Oh in case you are wondering IPL is the Inferior Parietal Lobe, which holds a primary image of your body structure, when you wake up in the morning, the brain sort of does a boot up program and checks all your bits to make sure they are there.  People who have had a limb removed, sometimes get phantom pain as if the limb was still there, because the IPL has not been updated, it still has a map for the missing limb, that it expects signals from, if the signal it often got from that limb was pain, the brain will assert that pain as if it was coming from that missing limb and this is phantom pain. 

If there is no real image of a penis in this IPL brain image, the limb cannot be operated properly and if it is removed, like in the sex change operation the patient insisted on having, there is no phantom pain, because there is no real brain map for it anyway.  Literally, it physically existed as a penis, but the brain had no map for it and didn't know how to operate it anyway.

Though people have been born without a brain (IPL) map of their normal limbs like an arm.

These patients cannot use that arm properly as it doesn't exist in the brain map, and they often want it surgically removed, because they are not comfortable with having that arm or leg.

It's a strange world we occupy.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on November 16, 2013 at 6:28am

I agree entirely.  I am certainly proud of my children and support their views, even though they often disagree with me, though I consider that since they are well educated and up with the information age, they are more knowledgeable than I on many matters.

Though on the Gay side of things, there is much scientific evidence that they did not choose to be gay, they were born that way.  A couple of brain structures are the same for Gay men as they are for heterosexual women, which differs from that of heterosexual men.

Other physical structures, from birth, demonstrate that most homosexuals were definitely born that way, so since Christianity considers "Original Sin" as all humans are born sinners, then homosexuals are no different and no bigger sinners than everybody else in their doctrines.

Same goes for those seeking sex changes or transexuality is also natural.

Science has now proven that some people are born with the Wrong Body. 

Somewhere when the fetus was forming, things went astray and some who had an IPL image of a woman (their real gender) ended up with a male body instead.  Common proof of this is that when they have corrective surgery (penis removed) these patients never have phantom erections, where normal men who have had their penises removed (like from cancer) do get phantom erections.  Proving that their brains haven't got normal connections or no connection at all to their penises that weren't meant to be there in the first place.

Just thought I'd arm you with a bit of information, as to argue using scientific knowledge allows you to support homosexuality and transexuality without exposing any of your atheism.

I use science this way all the time, as I have extremely religious clients, who when they ask me why I am not with them in deriding gays or even abortion, I turn to science and since they are as scientifically literate as door stops, they just nod their heads and agree.  LOL



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