Indian skeptic arrested and charged with "Blasphemy" for revealing the secret behind the "miracle" of the cross dribbling "Holy Water"


Sanal Edamaruku, an Indian skeptic, went to Mumbai and revealed that a "miraculous" weeping cross was really just a bit of statuary located near a leaky drain whose liquid reached it by way of capillary action. The local Catholic Church demanded that he retract his statements, and when he refused, they had him arrested for blasphemy.  


Incredible! - this is what happens when you give The Catholic Church power.

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Comment by Stuart Jeremy Oxley on April 16, 2012 at 7:46am
What did he expect, this is an institution that hides paedophiles, promotes over population and actively assists the spread of aids.
Religion relies on people willing to switch their brains off and believe the most fantastical and unlikely scenario put to them. It is an evil institution that relies on people sticking their heads in the sand and letting atrosities slide. I'd have a go at islam too, but I like my head where it is.

If all the good, normal people people in these religions turned around in the religions and said no, I will worship my god at home in my own way, these institutions would be screwed.



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