"As painful as sin." Is sin really painful, that moment where you're consumed by what you know you should not be doing? How beautiful is that enchantment of desire, which entangles you when you want what you should not indulge. The most painful sin, is not partaking in that forbidden fruit, not indulging that gorgeous desire, but rather holding out from it. The desire that does not leave your thoughts, the one that takes every breath form your lungs, and haunts your dreams. That one thing that lingers on the lips it has yet to meet. Why does sin not hurt, but rather tingle in your belly, and a sent so sweet.

And when you finally give in, when you have fought that painful battle with reason, and lost so seductively, to finally let the sin melt on your tongue, and swallow that sweet taste of a desire. It fully consumes you no longer haunting your thoughts and dreams but now your actions, that moment that you sneak away from the world to be consumed with the taboo. Every time you act its easier and easier to swallow that action that stalks your thoughts. Only now its no longer a desire but a bittersweet addiction.

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