Atheism 101: Refuting Presupposition Theology

Various forms of Presupposition Theology have become all the rage with theists lately. The concept, simply put is that Christians must presuppose the truth of the Bible. Christians who subscribe to the presupposition concept tend to argue that atheists take reason as a presupposition and on faith. They further argue that reason presupposes a God. In other words, the reason for reason is God.

It is not uncommon to hear a Christian ask an atheist about the foundation of reason these days. Why do atheists presuppose that everything has a naturalistic, logical reason? In a recent discussion with a Christian friend this very topic came up. The question was asked, “Who created the laws of physics?” My Christian friend went on to say that science depends on the laws of physics remaining constant and so atheists have faith that this is the case.

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Comment by Staks Rosch on May 12, 2010 at 8:40am
This is not the appropriate forum for this discussion Ryan and yes, when someone posts non-content in a short span of time which has nothing to do with the topic, it is spam. Dr. unsidedown did exactly that. It is not relevant to article and occurs with frequency.
Comment by ryan cameron on May 12, 2010 at 7:19am
Dangerous talk, I dont think Felch is spamming either. He is simply expressing his opinion about your "read the rest" practice of diverting A/N traffic to your personal site, which many people, myself included, would rather discourage because it is needlessly divisive, and hurts A/N by making it look like a site of links rather than the main repository of content we'd prefer to see as regular contributors. You are effectively "sponging" off our efforts, and that causes frustration. This has been pointed out to you time and again by many of us, yet you insist on doing what you do, so we'll continue to express our frustration with your practice, which is our right as much as it is yours to post your "ad material".
Comment by Jo Jerome on May 8, 2010 at 10:33am
When Hugh Kramer posts a bit of each of his Examiner articles on Atheist News, linking back to his own offsite article with "Read the rest here," is it spam?

Slightly chest-beating, perhaps. But I'm not sure I'd call that or this post spam. At least not on that basis alone.

On the post itself...

Presupposed givens are, imho, the toughest bit of the Theist's shell to crack. I was just commenting on another thread that with Christians, one of the toughest bits of this tough bit of shell is the presupposition that Jesus was a real person.

Put a dent in that and, well, you still aren't likely to de-convert someone on the spot. But it's a seed of thought that will likely nag them for the rest of their Christian lives.

And most importantly, I find simply stating facts only gets one into a pointless loop of "Yes it is/no it isn't." But asking the Theist questions about their own faith, questions for which you know there are no answers to be found, that's where the seed is planted.

- "Where in the bible does it say Mary Magdalene was a prostitute?" (Hint: Nowhere. Decided upon by the Pope in 591 and very, very quietly rescinded in 1969).

- "Where in the bible does it say abortion is wrong?" (Hint: Nowhere. Look closely at the versus you're given to spit out, e.g. the Isaiah verse that says God knew your name before you were born. That only speaks to God being clairvoyant. God puts to death lots of people whose name he knows).

- Where, outside the bible and subsequent Christian writings, is the evidence that Jesus even existed? For someone who was supposed to have performed so many impressive miracles and had thousands of followers, shouldn't there have been at least a passing mention of him somewhere? Wouldn't his followers have been eager to keep those records safe?"

Going back to that first one, Mary Magdalene as a prostitute, I use that one a lot as it's a commonly held given for most every Christian. Moreover, I'll start by asking a Christian, "How do you know this?" To which they'll always say it's in the bible. "And have you read this passage in the bible?" To which they'll almost always say yes, that they've read it with their own eyes. "How, when it isn't there?" At which point they'll start fumbling and insist that it is. I'll ask them where and add, "If you can be convinced that you yourself have read something that's not there, what else can you be convinced of?"
Comment by Staks Rosch on May 8, 2010 at 9:06am
It appears that the Dr. has something against me personally, since he only spams me with his spam and not any of the other people who post blog excerpts. The irony is that his is the one doing the spamming.
Comment by ryan cameron on May 7, 2010 at 10:24pm
its annoying with the "read the rest" trick, but he does link back to A/N and the topic is relevant so its not spam, I dont think.

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