Atheism at Christmas. What's your take on it?

Having celebrated the Christmas period at home, I just wondered how many other atheists also celebrate this time of year as well. I certainly don't follow the christian beliefs of " Christmas ", but i do take the opportunity to enjoy one of the few times of year when people are not working or in school, to be with my family or friends and kick back and relax. Do you think if more christian's took the holidays of Christmas / Easter etc as purely a time to enjoy family and friends without attaching a religious significance to it, that they might tend to enjoy it more, rather than feeling obliged to attend church and worship?
Your thoughts people...

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Comment by Hekate Moon on January 5, 2010 at 12:19am
My fiance loves the Christmas time of the year, he wanted to buy a tree and decorate it. Since many of the Christmas traditions have root in other religions, and non religious things I see no problem with it. It just reminds me of the good part of childhood, since Christmas isn't really about Jesus anymore.
It's just good fun, and an excuse to visit family members that live far away.



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