(This blog post copied from my blog at http://www.drunkvegetarian.com. I just thought I would start cross-posting because you guys may like to read it)

I have been browsing youtube.com today, and come across some varying videos discussing Atheism in America and small towns. It is really amazing how cruel christians and other religious believers can be (well, you can believe it if you have read their bible).

This video reminds me a lot of stories I hear from around America about christians and believers of other faiths are just not tolerant of anyone who thinks/believes differently than them. Doesn't your "god" teach you to be nice? or to accept others because of who they are not what they think? Nice going there making me think that your religion is a righteous one and something that I would want to explore more.

It looks like to me, that christians are doing a lot more to hurt their own religion that any Atheist could ever do. I enjoy being around people that could care less what I believe in and I don't even want to know what/who they believe in. Why would it matter to someone else what I choose to believe in? If you really want other people to join your cult, make it look enticing, not war mongering.

I grew up in a southern household in the bible belt and I had to go to church every sunday because my parents did and they told me I had to. I had no choice in the matter so it was forced upon me. When I was old enough to start asking questions none of the answers I got made sense, and here we are. Anyway, I grew up with the christian church and 110% of the people in the town I grew up in were bible beaters. The town had a population of around 600 people and we had around 11 churches in the town, most of them on one street. I did not take moving to Atheism lightly. Most people will tell you they regret believing in christianity, but not me. It was an experience that I am glad I had but would not want to have again. I am a more enlightened Atheist because of it, and I have a unique perspective on southern religion. Every bible belt church I have been to is hypocritical. The members in it and the leadership especially. Out of all the so called christians I have personally met (and living in the bible belt that is a lot), about 10 of them are actually good people. Out of all the Atheists I have met, 99% of them are great people and help out in the community. They are respectful, helpful, and all around morally great people. They live their life without fear of an invisible sky daddy and take responsibility for their own actions. They treat others like they would want to be treated, and just live a better life. Now the christians, they steal, belittle, judge, preach, and most of them live morally unacceptable lives. It is like they have never even read their bible, and they cannot really tell you about anything specific in it. You may not have the same views I do, and that is ok. This comes from my personal experiences with the people I have met.

One thing I really like about christians and their beliefs, is when they try to defend them against the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) or the Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU). None of those things are real, but you cannot prove they are not and are just as viable as religions as worshipping an invisible sky daddy that knows everything. They will not accept that their belief structure is the same as 90% of other religions and the most of them worship the same made up god (god may seem real to you, and that is alright, but it is still the same deity).

Now, neither of my parents read my blog, but if they do, great. I really do not mind if they know how I feel, and I really kind of wish they would. I respect them and what they believe in and do not try to change that. If it makes them happy, that is all that matters. Just accept me for what I am, it has nothing to do with you.

Stay classy christians.

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