Atheism asserts the independence of the individual. It denies the existence of a power, natural or supernatural, which determines human life. For a long time, people have been supposing that their lives are determined by god, fate or natural law. But the daily experience of free will, disproves the existence of any determining factor.

Yet people have believed in the existence of a god etc., on account of their slave-mindedness. Slave-mind seeks a prop, and an early prop it took to was a notion of god. Slave-mindedness came to be known as "theism" and its opposite as "atheism". Positively, atheism means the experience of free will which is the opposite of slave-mind.

The belief in the existence of god is followed by the associated beliefs in the existence of soul, of other worlds and of rebirth. Atheism exposes all these beliefs as false.

The old philosophies, politics, economics, ethics and aesthetics were influenced by the slave-mindedness of theism. Now atheism reinterprets them in the light of free wil

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Comment by Reality Activist on January 29, 2009 at 10:05am
I think that we should be careful on how we interpret the meaning of freewill. Freedom comes with a price. It has boundaries and those boundaries are formed by reality. This becomes difficult to explain because many, including atheists, don't understand the difference between a perception of reality and actual reality. Until we do, we won't be able to identify certain absolutes that exists in nature. For example, without humans working together, we would not be on top of the food chain. Just this little piece of knowledge restricts our behavior tremendously. We have to work together to continue to survive. That means that you should be compassionate towards your fellow man/woman...not just the members of your family or someone who holds the same beliefs as you do.
Comment by Carlos Antonio Galeano Rios on January 29, 2009 at 8:59am
mainly were you talk about free will, because there is no free will in "you are free to do as you please and enjoy your life, but if you do any of the crap i don't like you'll burn for ever"
I believe it is important to enfazise the difference (eventhough it is elementary).. people sometimes don't get it... endoctrination works very well, that's why people don't get it



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