Parody and Humor:

Dan Barker, Christianity in a Nutshell:

Vania Heymann, Watering Can:

TmsT, Two Guys and A Puzzle:

College Humor, Religious People Are Nerds:

Daily Show, Even Stevphen: Islam vs. Christianity:

Daily Show, The Gretch Who Saved The War on Christmas:

Colbert Report, Bill O'Reilly Proves Existence of God:

Spaceboy Productionsl, If News Existed in 1200B.C.:

Atheism Stories:

Thinking Atheist, Atheism In Your Own Words 1:

Thinking Atheist, Atheism In Your Own Words 2:

Thinking Atheist, Atheism In Your Own Words 4:

Penny Arcade, Atheists Teaching the Bible to Religious Children:


Tim Minchin, Storm Animated Movie:

Gershwin, It Ain't Necessarily So:

Tim Lehrer, Vatican Rag:

Philosophers and Science:

Michael Shermer, Baloney Detection Kit:

A.C. Grayling, The Unconsidered Life:

Peter Boghossian, Jesus, The Easter Bunny, and Other Delusions:

QualiaSoup, Critical Thinking:

Right Wing Propoganda:

Al Moehler, You're Going to Hell:

Santorum, Colleges Diminishing Faith:

Sean Hannity, Sesame Street and Liberal Agenda:

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