I want a community. I want to be a part of a physical place…almost like church minus the crazy…

I’m the only atheist I know save for one other person who refuses to let other’s know for fear of judgment…I get lonely sometimes. It’s not fair that there are so many monotheists out there. You can walk up to anybody on the street, any whore, any drug dealer, any mom, any student, and teacher, and police officer, and murderer and there is a good chance that person believes in some kind of deity from antiquity, while, you can’t make that kind of assumption about non-theists. Most non-theists are educated, well mannered, people with strong morals and stronger back bones… it seems to take a certain amount of reasoning skills and courage to become and out and out Atheist.

…I just wish I knew more atheists personally. I wish there were a place we can go to mingle with like minded people…I envision a large building, a place where people can have a free exchange of ideas. I want a physical place where people can get together, talk, help one another, get involved in their community, kids can go after school to stay out of trouble and anyone in general can go to educate themselves or enjoy a hot cup of coffee and good conversation…basically I want a library, star bucks, boys and girls club and church (minus god) all in one. LOL, it doesn’t really sound all that grand written out but in my mind it would be the best place in the world.

I even found out how to become an ordained Atheist Minister…I can get a license plate and everything, but I’m way too bashful a person to run an Atheist Church. What does an Atheist minister do? I could marry people off, but I wouldn’t exactly be “preaching” anything…Other than the occasional speech or wedding/commitment ceremony I would be little more than a mega-hostess. People would just come and go…I mean, I guess there could be pamphlets with “thoughts of the week” and we could hold discussion groups. During winter we would have one huge tree of knowledge. We could have readings and potlucks, movie night, science fairs for the kids…the mission of the church (for lack of a better word) would be to be something along the lines of human exploration and compassion something or other…

Do these types of places exist? I don’t want to create a religion out of non-religion. Just develop a community which seems to be the only good thing religion has got going for itself. We should develop a bond on the local level with the purpose of expanding our understanding of the world with consistent open communication.

It’s just a thought…

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Comment by Chrys Stevenson on July 16, 2009 at 3:19am
Brad, there's an atheist meetup group just 18 miles from you at Cedar Falls/Waterloo with 56 members - and seven people in your immediate area waiting for a meetup group to be started there. You're not alone. Check out the meetup group page for your area here.

For anyone else wanting to find meetup groups in their area, go to Atheist Meetup Groups, then select your country and zip code or city (as specified) in the box on the right.
Comment by Brad on July 15, 2009 at 11:00pm
I don't no how I stummbled onto your page, but I'm glad I did! I have been obsessed with this very thought, the one you opened with; an atheist comunity, something tangable, physical.... A meeting place twice a month, just so you can relate to someone else, so you don't feel so isolated and alone.

I too am alone and feel it everyday, I relate to you completely. I have said this more than once, however I believe my words have fallen on deaf ears. There is a sight called Meet up . com, I didn't have very good luck with it in my area, I would do better in an explicitly atheist group, possibly antheist acitivism group... The groups around here are secular, they are mixed with humanist, agnostics, freethinkers,... and get this the university freethinkers group is teamed up with a church in town, geez, they play cards together....

I, most of the time just want to scream!!!!! but I don't, though I REALLY want to...

There is a real need for something private and atheist, a group, where you can spend time with the group, get to know, intimately, the people within the group. Not unlike a Masonic Lodge... We need to be there for our community, for each other, and most of all, there needs to be understanding for one another, unity, strong bonds created for each other, trust,...

Just a thought, we are a long ways off from the lodge thing unless anyone has a rich Atheist uncle out there some where that would buy up a few houses (serious fixer uppers) to turn into atheist lodges. :~)

Diana I like the way you thing, we definately need four walls where only atheists can be heard! We deserve that.

Take care, Brad
Comment by Greywolf on July 12, 2009 at 12:19pm
I too am a lone atheist. And what I've been subjected to for what I'm all about is beyond belief —literally. And, Yes, the loneliness, the isolation, I've had to endure is just a killer. (I live in a very rural, remote, part of northeast Wisconsin.) We need our elected officials to better protect us from the racist-style intolerance we are subjected to. We also need more “good” Christians to start acting like good ones and denounce the disgraceful conduct of their Christian brethren far more vocally and openly than they have to date..

Fortunately for us there are now networks of atheists providing us with a sense of community that didn't exist just a few years back. Atheist Nexus being just one that has sprung up in recent years. (And a great one, I might add.) But it doesn't take the place of face-to-face interaction with a kindred “spirit”, does it? Not even close. But it'll have to do for those of us so isolated and alone. That is, until that day comes when atheists and other non-theists become as numerous as fast-food outlets. And at the pace we're growing in number, that day isn't all that far off.

Believe me, I know the feelings that agonize you so. They're not pleasant. Nor for the faint of heart. But continue to feel good about yourself for standing tall and for the truth. It makes it worth the sacrifice.
Comment by GayleMyrna on July 11, 2009 at 4:26pm
I'm a member of a very active atheist/agnostic/freethinker/etc. group in the Inland Empire of So. California. Three years ago we were just some 10 people or so people meeting once a month...then, via two very dedicated members using meetup.com, our numbers have grown tremendously...400 signed up on meetup and we have a main monthly meeting with 50 or so folks attending, along with movies, lunches, pub nights, parties, hikes, etc. And the area we live in is uber fundamentalist mega-churchy Christian. We're an oasis of rationality in a sea of supersistion. It takes a while to build community, but the Internet is an excellent tool.
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on July 11, 2009 at 7:40am
I'm a member of my local atheists group. We meet each month for dinner at a local pub. We have become a very tight-knit, close and caring group - we really do love each other. In just a few short months we have dealt with a death, a birth, and now an upcoming engagement. We have offered support to our members through all of these.

There's an atheist meetup group right near you at Lynnwood with 88 members. There's also groups in Kirkland and Redmond (details on same page as above) if these would suit you better and several other groups in Seattle and surrounding areas. You're spoiled for choice!

I highly recommend getting together socially with other atheists. Please do it - and let us know how it went!



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