Our problems as atheists isn't the superstitious. It's the atheist in the closet. Our true colors, our true numbers are not known as many atheist are in the closet. There are atheist who even attend Church to blend in for family, friends, co-workers and society at large. We'll never gain respect and dignity as long as so many atheist cower, conform & comply with the reigning superstition. 

The Black community gained political power when they stopped cowering, conforming and complying with superstitious hatred & bigotry. Women didn't gain the vote by cowering, conforming and complying with superstitious hatred & bigotry. The Gay community didn't gain the vote by cowering, conforming and complying with superstitious hatred & bigotry. Do you see a pattern here? Power never gives weakness anything. You have to stand strong for your human rights. It's always been this way & it will always be this way. 

The atheist in the closet is our worst nightmare. We don't expect children to come out. We don't expect atheist to come out of the closet instantly. The smart atheist begins to build another life with new inclusive friends, perhaps finding a new job, a new city. Definitely there are things that may need to be done. Gays began to form their own communities, find tolerate friends and yes accept that most family members will shun you.

Let me share something with you. I worried about family, friends, neighbors, co-workers until I realized these people in my life really didn't love me. How could they love me? They didn't know the real me. So at age seven I came out of the closet. My parents weren't big on religion but my other relatives were. I was protected by my parents yet I knew family members didn't like my being openly atheist.

Oh, it was alright they wore crosses but my wearing the atheist symbol was rude and disrespectful even evil. My Christian relatives could attend Church every Sunday yet the idea I might attend an atheist meeting once in a blue moon was evil and should be against the law. As a matter of fact as we all know in many states there are blasphemy laws that prevent a non-believers free speech!!

It is true this will go on as long as we atheist cower, conform & comply to the idea that superstition has the right to deny us rights and dominate over us insisting we follow their religion. What a Fascist notion! I'm not nor ever was a Boy Scout. I do not nor never was under the rules of the Boy Scouts. I am not a Christians and I am not nor never was under the authority of Christianity. They have no jurisdiction over me!!

As all out & open atheist know. As long as fellow atheist stand by as atheist and the atheist cause are demonised & restricted atheist will needlessly suffer at the hands of superstition. The Age of Reason is dawning. It is time all atheist identify themselves. Together we shall overcome.

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Comment by abdulrahman aliyu on June 10, 2014 at 1:11pm
How true your statement can be, is an understatement, but it isn't an easy step to take. It's really threatening to life it's self, but at the long run agreed atheism will strive .



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