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   I have been in Mary Kay cosmetics for 9 years now and when i originally wrote this blog i had been in for 3 years. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home. I have been an atheist for about 7 years now and have become LESS frustrated... i was VERY frustrated in the beginning of this change of life....i will leave the rest as it was 7 years ago and update at the end!

(Growing up only knowing religious people has made this transition hard for me but more so in my business. I had to change my weekly meetings because my director is too preachy. It never used to bother me, but the moment I came to understand that there is no god, etc. is the moment things started to make me angry....

  I contemplated leaving Mary Kay cosmetics, but i love this company and what it truly stands for, which is enriching women's lives but i think its more of enriching people's lives because we now have men consultants. For this reason, I felt that yes it's true that this company was founded in texas by religious people, that Mary Kay Ash was a fundamentalist and that the majority of the people in this company are religious, BUT it is still a company, a business. Private or Not. I am going to let myself leave this amazing opportunity because its only for religious people? That is so insane. I have determined that I am not going to let that difference stop me. Yes it is an annoyance, but i feel that in life we have to learn to deal with people. Most of the world is religious and even though that doesn't mean i have to talk or get along with religious people, i would rather not isolate myself. Plus, many people today are questioning faith and maybe me sticking it out will open someone's mind? Not sure but its worth a try.

  I have concluded that I am going to be a proud Atheist and Humanist while still being a Mary Kay consultant. Many of the mary kay friends know and although they may not agree, they are respectful. I have not heard yet of any sales director or national sales directors that are Atheist, nor any that are bisexual/lesbian. So, since i love this company, i am going to take a stand and work to be a Atheist/humanist, bisexual, Mary Kay director and national director. This company could use a good mind blower and i think its time someone showed them this company is not just for adults with imaginary friends! Can u imagine? A successful National Atheist Director in Mary Kay?! That is a huge statement being made to the religious community and i think its high time its done. )   

^ How i USED to think...

7 years later...

I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor, I have a booming Mary Kay business, and with setbacks of Chemotherapy and surgeries i am very close to our first Mary Kay car and Directorship with the company!! I am married to the man who stuck by my side through cancer and we lost our faith together. So many people have emailed me over the years asking for help with their business. In these 6 years i have learned a LOT. Let me begin by saying this is a personal BUSINESS. It is simple. 

That being said, you can CHOOSE who trains you and your trainer decides if they want to train you. There are no have to's in life only want to's. Do I get annoyed with training sometimes and how many people are so religious in the company? Yes. Do i let it get to me anymore? NOPE. Why? Because i know that non theists are the 3rd largest group in the world now, plus the company has made things more secular.. if you haven't noticed, and because i know now that my success doesn't depend on my lack of religion or affect it in any way. There are 2 things that will make you successful in this business.. Here is the secret.

#1 stop giving a crap what others think. This is a business, its math, there are formulas.

#2 Follow the formulas, throw out the religious wording, learn the meat and potatoes and your on your way.

That's it. The hard truth is that people are going to say what they want and feel how they feel and although it may hurt your feelings, you need to understand that none of that matters. The only way it matters if someone is harassing you or going out of their way to seclude you from learning or activities making you feel alone. If you do not want to do the work and forget the haters, then this will not work for you. You have to be willing to gain the confidence to work regardless of what people think of you and that goes for anything in life. 

I have had people say horrible things to me and i have ALSO met Top Directors plus my National Sales Director that adopted me into her area who train me with open arms and have apologized on behalf of anyone who said crap to me. My National is a Christian. She believes the way she does and she also thinks to believe you need god to be successful in Mary Kay, is a joke. That business is just business. Don't get me wrong. The woman is a 2 time best selling author and has been a Christian for a long time but She is never disrespectful and made me fully understand what i am capable of. Her national was secular until her death bed, which means a National who was friends with Mary Kay the lady, respected Mary Kay and Mary Kay in turn respected her. I also have a top director friend who earned her first Pink Caddy 6 months into the business as a secular individual. So don't sit there on your laptop and tell me this can't be done. You just have misinformation about the company or the people who taught you about this business had some horrific experience. 

There will be people who read this post that just want to complain how their director doesn't agree with them, there will be people who blame Mary Kay for allowing religion in their company..oh all the sorts of people i have heard from. The people this blog is for.. are not for the butt hurt people who quit this business because they asked 3 of their friends and family and after they said no.. they said it doesn't work. ...something new i had to add to this blog. Please if your are not actually an Atheist and are in fact pagan and also bisexual please do not harass me!! There is one person out of many who have found this blog that is working to become a director and is an atheist who needed support that i feel this blog helped! Otherwise.... Do not contact me if you want to hit on me or if you just want to complain. You deserve things when you earn them and we will support you along the way. 

This blog is for the people who genuinely believe in this company and how it can help society. This is not just makeup or skin care. Please understand it is people and love.. not profit and loss. Please understand there is room for all of us to win, not only some. Please understand that life is not fair and those who understand that and are willing to rise up anyways are the ones who deserve success in all areas of their life. 

My hope is that this brings you HOPE and the confidence to say. SCREW whoever wants to project their insecurities on you, your going to do this. If you feel you want to contact me, find me on my website and i will connect you with my national and as soon as i'm a director you can be in my go give area. Thank you.

-Future Cadillac Sales Director Stephanie Moreno


My motto is

   You dont have to believe in god to be successful in life. You do the work anyways, just give YOURSELF the credit for once in your life!


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Comment by Stephanie Moreno on August 12, 2017 at 5:01pm

Also, just so everyone knows. I called the Freedom from Religion foundation years ago and spoke to Dan Barker on the phone about all this. He simply said something along the lines of:

It's a private organization and everyone is an independent contractor meaning they can do what they want to do and you can do what you want to do. You chose to stay or go.  ...

I chose to develop a mindset that it doesn't matter what the topic IS. The religious do not get to have a monopoly on success, freedom and happiness. 

Comment by Stephanie Moreno on August 12, 2017 at 4:57pm

Loren I saw that 60 minutes story as well and know what you mean! However, since we can't seem to even elect a secular president yet, I think we should all say BRAVA to each other for so many reasons. We may be annoyed the constitution isn't being followed accordingly, yet many of us are still Proud Americans.. for those us who are here in the states born and raised. I am pretty sure many of us operate within many of these scenarios while dismissing it! Take Christmas, xmas or whatever you want to call it for an example. :)

Comment by Stephanie Moreno on August 12, 2017 at 4:43pm

Jennifer I'm sorry but that is literally impossible. Just because Chic fi la is also a business doesnt mean it has the same model. They have employess but we dont. I am an independent contractor. You can read a lot of nonsense on the internet but that doesn't mean its all true. This business will be celebrating 55 years next year. Also, being an independent contractor means i get a discount on my personal heath care. So even if someone doesn't agree with my pro-choice stance, that doesn't mean they can control If i'm on birth control Etc. This is WHY I work. To give people CHOICES. I would never choose another company. We are the only actual non pyramid direct sales business model that works and where people can earn a free car and pick up diamonds as prizes. Yea, like id ever leave. 

Comment by Michael Penn on July 1, 2017 at 11:23am

Christian influence is everywhere and often for no reason. Where I live there is a restaurant called "Barn and Grill" and on the outside it looks like a big red barn. At the top of the sign in giant letters is the word JESUS. I won't eat there.

Is Jesus inside the barn? Did he help in the barn's success? What about Thor? Who prayed over the fried chicken?

Comment by Loren Miller on July 1, 2017 at 7:17am

I remember a CBS News 60 Minutes story from a LONG time ago on Mary Kay wherein what appeared to be a religious attitude permeating the company was a considerable part of the piece.  I'm not sure that Christianity was ever explicitly mentioned, but there was no getting around its apparent influence.  If you can operate within that milieu while dismissing it, I have just one thing to say:


Comment by Jennifer Miller on July 1, 2017 at 2:18am

If Mary Kay is trying to be the next Chick-fil-a, I'd suggest working at a different company. 

Comment by Michael Penn on June 25, 2017 at 9:35pm

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. You are very brave and realistic.

Comment by Michael Brice on June 13, 2012 at 9:58am

True Jedi, good to have a plan B, Stephanie, good luck to you

Comment by evan lee cooksey on June 12, 2012 at 5:00pm

good luck. i mean that. i think there are lots of people who dont believe. yet carry on due to social reasons. its simple logic everybody else is why rock the boat. you have an up hill battle. even with that said its people like you that makes change possible

Comment by Jedi Wanderer on June 12, 2012 at 4:22pm

Very interesting post. If I might throw something out there, look into the lawyers that defend atheists (sorry their names are eluding me at the moment). If you end up getting fired for your beliefs, maybe you can sue them for wrongful termination.



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