Been a while, since I've posted here. I was going through a period of depression and isolation. I feel a lot better now. I'm ready to be active on the internet again. Although, I do have to finished that damned C++ for Dummies 9booksin1 or I'll never finish it. I've been thinking about putting a price on finishing the book: a technique I read up on CNN Health. I mostly post on xanga, so I wish I could just get my Xanga posts reposted here automatically somehow the same way Facebook does. I skipped 50 to 100 pages yesterday that were about the Unified Modeling Language (UML). I know the basics of UML, and I don't think I need to dig too deep into UML at this point. I skipped all the way to the 4th book on Advanced Programming in C++ where I'll learn about Arrays and Pointers and how they work together. Exciting!

Besides finishing up on my C++ For Dummies, I'd like to do experiments with Light-emitting diodes (LED). I wanted to ever since I couldn't read my book in the back seat of a car due to darkness. My goal is to make a book light that doesn't distract anyone else and provides enough light for me to read.

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