So lets explore the basis

of all human races

equatorial changes

in our ancestors ranges

amplified by generations

of geographic isolation

produced mutations

in facial configurations

add physiological adaptation

like reduced pigmentation

in direct correlation

with the major reduction

in exposure to the sun...

lessons over I’m done.

So lets get back to the heart of the issue

this cultural tissue that binds us

this sinew of life that defines us

and in time will grind us

into a very fine dust

so I’m hear to remind us

we are the finest

evolution refined us

only the stupid and blindest

deny this truth so sublime thus

So when I drop science

you say compliance

this ain’t David’s space ship

I navigate no defiance.

So will you hold to silence

when in the presence of giants

or act out in Violence

and go for the eye lids

sci-fi references aside kids

there’s more to life besides this

and I’m here to insist

you understand what your choices is.

A shot of superstition,

faith in religious devision

or science that’s grand in vision

freely handing out wisdom?

we are here, we are man,

science Is a science man.

atheists understand

what religion no longer can,

comprehend what I’m talking about

quantum physics, nuclear fall out

all of this makes me shout


For now the truth’s finally come out

you don’t know what you are talking about.

So let me offer some Insight.

your ancestors were stromatolites

who had to fight

for every bite

and breath of life...

but only humans had the insight

to numerize a finite

thing like the speed of light

and in hind sight

we weren’t quite prepared

for E equals M C squared

and all thats inherent in there

but the truth is

I don’t even care anymore

Nagasaki, Hiroshima's gone.


for in who’s name was this done

it was to save the american

from there religion

holy homeland

resist all invasion

through the internal subduction

of the rational function

and that repulsive reduction

humans to concussions

and external combustion

through religious seduction.

So there at that junction

with war and destruction

Japanese to the muslims

embraced the corruption’s

and religions disfunction's

requiring abruption

of instinctual conscience thought

because as children that’s what they’re taught.

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