Atheism is not a system of thought. It is not a moral code. It is simply the lack of one particularly stupid conviction. Therefore, atheists are not, as I just read, good people as such. They certainly can be and if I know someone is an atheist, then I am more likely to take them seriously. I might be able to infer some reasonability in their character and therefore a more likely proper moral code, but just because one is not a believer of one foolish thing does not mean he or she is not a believer of another foolish thing. Good people are good as such. Atheists don't believe in God as such.

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Comment by MCT on January 20, 2011 at 2:23pm

Funny. I am under no illusions about the likelihood of my death or about the chances of being reanimated. Again, the chances of reanimation are greater than zero. You must agree with that. 


Death is the end of life. It does not entail hope or hopelessness. Hopelessness is something I do not acknowledge. There is hope of living indefinitely. Resigning to your plan for traditional cremation is hopeless.


Your description of my recognition of the only way to survive as clinging is excessively normative. I have knowledge that the only way to survive longer than 4 or 5 more decades is vitrification. I will do what is necessary to not guarantee my demise. I am not interested in a promise or fantasy about eternity. I am interested in oxygen going to my well functioning cortex. Calling that silly and dubious demonstrates the personal attacks in your argument, not weakness of my position.



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