Atheist vs. Religious Schizoaffective disorder‏

I suffer from Schizoaffective disorder and and now that I am getting a little break from the legal and penal system for possession of marijuana which I have found lessens the symptoms of my illness and are is fact lowering and making my illness more manageable. Punishing me for what I need medically is barbaric and dark ages stuff and I need marijuana. Simple as that.

However I would like for people to know that though I do not hear voices in my head other than my own, if I did, my non belief in ghosts, spirits, souls or life after death, would have me ignore them as not real, especially if the voices were telling me to go against what I know to moral, ethical and good. The only reason I can reason like this is because of years of therapy and my experience as well as the experiences of others. Joan of Ark, for instance would be an example of a religious schizophrenic and did what the voices she head in her head other than her own awake or asleep.

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Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on April 8, 2014 at 12:59pm

Thank you for sharing your personal experience. My deepest fear is not to be able to tell what's real, so voices would terrify me. Most people just twist reality to make sense of what they "hear", losing everything. Though I do need to discount visual artifacts, from time to time, due to eye disease. It takes a strong mind to apply logic to sensed perception. Kudos.

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