Christians around the world, but particularly in America, are in grave danger, according to Ken Ham of Answers (Nowhere) in Genesis. How so? Are churches being ransacked and razed to the ground? Are there mass bible burnings? Are Christians being rounded up, tattooed with a fish on their foreheads, and herded into vast labour camps?

Well, no. But atheists in America have launched a blistering, non-lethal poster citing the Jesus story as a myth, just like the Santa Claus myth. So vicious is this poster, so far there have been no fatalities, no serious injuries and zero minor injuries.

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Comment by Nornie on December 14, 2012 at 6:55am

Their victim mentality is my biggest gripe about Christians--always squawking about how marginalized they are. Please. Driving from the Dallas area to the Austin area, searching for a radio station, I found at least 50% of the stations dedicated to xtian programming. I don't even like to admit on a private site like this one that I'm not a believer for fear someone will discover me and make my life hell. But THEY are the ones that are persecuted. Riiiiiiiiight.

Comment by James Kz on December 14, 2012 at 4:19am

That is because American Christians (but not all of them) view such actions as evicting Nativity scenes from public property as "persecution."

They think not being allowed to politick from the pulpit is persecution. (No one is twisting any church's arm to force them to take tax-free status.)

They wouldn't know real persecution if they tripped over it. The Fundamentalist Elect want to overturn every protection afforded to both atheist and theist alike by the I Amendment.

They want the government to impose blasphemy and heresy laws.

They call the Soviet Union's official atheistic stance anti-religious. But the Soviet Constitution afforded the same religious protections our own does. Christians were persecuted by the presence of soldiers in the churches. That is persecution.

Saudi Arabia will prosecute for proselytising. That is persecution.

Give 'em some of that and they will learn what real persecution is. When they find themselves on the end of the laws they want to write.

They don't understand that it is a secular disinterested government that makes it possible to have such a range and diversity of religious life in the USA.

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