Oh Little Town Of Chambersburg
(tune of O Little Town Of Bethlehem)
This is the story of Carl Silverman from PA Nonbelievers fight against the town of Chambersburg for the right to place a sign honoring atheist veterans next to the nativity scene that was placed in the town square. The request was refused, stating it might open the opportunity for "even more odious" groups such as the KKK to display signs. The nativity scene was moved down the street to the church, but the townspeople protested, forming what they called the "christian army" in an attempt to claim exclusive rights to the town square.

Oh little town of Chambersburg, the creche is on the square
Along comes PAN and wants a part, it just seems so unfair
This month belongs to Christians, no others have a right
For our beloved plastic junk we will stand up and fight!

How dare they ban our racist rights, demanding equal share
To honor faithless veterans, allow them anywhere
Forget our constitution, forget peace and good-will
We'd sooner have the KKK than odious heathens here!

We must invade and own all space, why limit us to church
If we don't force our ways on them, they may upon us perch.
In truth we have no interest, imagination rules
We won't give up till we install our bybull in their schools.

How inconsiderate that they our blessed rights offend
Freedom should only be for us, not those like Silverman
Our 50 years tradition has now gone up in smoke
Our holy book they criticize and think is but a joke.

We truly did not know there was no birth to celebrate
We never realized it was a pagan holiday
Disband our Christian army, we will apologize
Open our minds, accept the truth and learn to compromise.

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Comment by Maverick Jester on December 14, 2010 at 9:29am

This is the same crap that was pulled when the young woman in Mississippi wanted to take another female as a date to the prom. Because the school is public and therefore receives goverment funding, they were forced to allow a lesbian couple to attend. What did the school do? Shut down the entire prom.



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