I often like to think that Australia is for the most part a secular country that is open, multicultural and accepting of different views, religions, lack of religion. Out of all the places on the face of the planet that I would expect us to be be able to display atheist ads it would be here.
For Christ's sake even the Italian's have been able to put a slogan on the side of a bus, and its certainly more strident than "Sleep in on Sunday".
Anywho, for those of you that missed it here is the Sunday Sunrise interview with Arienne one of the organisers of the British Ad program

Is it as the host hints, just the Ad companies that don't want to offend their audience?

No objection to having sexualised images of women on the sides of buses or bus shelters but the minute you have a rather relaxed message about atheism suddenly someone develops a misdirected social conscience?


Or is it that Christianity offers big money?
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