Automotives for the Future...The Beginning!!! (Part One AutoBlog)

I have never written for a blog about automotives, but here I feel as if I don't try I won't ever know where we are on alternatives in automation. So I'm going to jump right in with both barrels revved up with full throttle. My thing is the fascination I've had with auto racing since my childhood and I always heard that girls were not supposed to do this or that but secretly my excitement was to build them fix on them hear them roar!

Always wanting to know what made this car better or do this thing or that spin in tricks and in racing. I am an avid driver professionally trained by way of cab and we all know what cabbies drive like. Except I cared what my passengers felt like in the back seat trusting me with their very lives, you can imagine my excitement when my partner who was killed at 37, also loved to repair cars and he taught me plenty. He would always say do it right the first time Dirty Ft. He even had a badge in gold made with that on it.

Oh, how I loved him so and he was the only man to actually treat me like one of the guys, that meant a lot to me and he would talk for hours about this sound or that sound in a car, he was sharing with me his passion and I valued his friendship even that much more when he was looking through all the cab drivers just to find me! I had no idea that my personality was warranted anyone wanting to hire me and as a full partner. As a single parent I was thrown out of the cab business, I was also Yellow Cabs number one dispatcher too, but they did not allow anyone to buy a cab that worked in the offices.

So there I was stuck between a rock and a hard place with two kids I loved very much but knew that this was a nightmare I could not afford. So I decided to work nights again and go back to school. Well before I could I was greeted by a tall black man wanting to know about lil ol' me...

My first impression was at 24, what is he up to asking questions about where I lived and my family. Well he was a very persistent one. He wanted to know where and why and how the only black female could have driven cab for so many years and not one bad incident report not one peep only compliments and I am not bragging go check it for yourself.

Finally as the cab company was tossing us out, they decided that I was too good to just let go I had this air or very personable and soothing speaking voice and the cab drivers loved to work when I was dispatching. Well my friend Carr, was going to find me no matter what and he too a month off his regular job of tool and die to find me and I'm glad he did sorta. Well he knew I worked nights but never hung out with the cabbies after work, hell I had to get home by 7:30A my kids were there alone most of the time and sleep but would get up at 8AM and I'd better not be late we had an agreement that I promised not to take any detours.

Well Carr hung around worked a bit but he had bought a cab or two and wanted me to work for and with him and he gave me $2000 cash to come aboard. I was faltered and apprehensive too. He wanted me to do what I did for the cab company too. I told I would have to quit because I also did expenses too, that would conflict with what he wanted and I couldn't do that so I quit.

But he had an IDEA!! He only wanted the best drivers and I was at the top of his list and my friends too like Steve and Charlie wow!! That was great I could be in business one I knew inside and out and keep my income coming in no welfare for this one, so I jumped in with both feet. That's how I learned to work on cars and it was a thrill every moment. It left me in a wheelchair and with bi-polar but what a life it was, then he got killed by a crack-headed fool wanting his money. The promise I mad to him I have kept and all the while hiding my pain, muffled with only silent tears when a young person learns automotive repairs or restorations. Part one....

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