Back Again, after a long bit of fun Trolling Right Wing groups like Prager University. :D

Trolling is like debating, I learn a lot from trolling, so I've been Trolling Prager University as myself since the time Trumpty Dumbty started his run for presidency.

Since then I've learned a lot about American History,  Economics, The Constitution, the history of Fascism and Nazism along with Mussolini's biography and other things I was clueless on before I started trolling.  

There are lots of Creationists and people with less than a year 10 education (so it appears) following Dennis Prager and his Right Wing Biased propaganda.

He has lecturers like Prof. Carol Swain only telling half truths and thus lying by omission, such as Carol pretends that the Southern Strategy of Nixon's didn't drag white supremacists over to the Republican party behind Barry Goldwater, so as to make his Right Wing fans feel good, in that the white supremacists are still mostly Democrats like before Nixon.   Though they ignore the fact that Charlottesville proves them wrong.

Most are irrational, as they hate Science, and think white supremacists (which is based on fundamental conservatism) would still favour a party that is now comparatively liberal and progressive and not follow a party like GOP that is of the same ideology as themselves.    :D   That's amusing in itself.  

Prager produces lots of fallacious videos supporting:

Climate Change Denial.




Free Market Capitalism (Reaganomics or his idea of Trickle Down Economics) 

Privatisation of Education and Charter Schools

Fossil Fuels

Fascism (Dennis Prager appears to support fascism and many of his ideas and videos are fascist).

False Dichotomous and Straw Man attacks on:  Liberals, Progressives, BLM, The Left, Atheists, Evolution, Democrats, Socialism and Public Education. 

Prager  is and his army of extremely dumb university students are trying to push his videos onto university campuses around the world.   :( 

So if you want to troll people who are deliberately being led away from reality, Prager University is the site to be.  ;D  

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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on September 1, 2017 at 6:04pm

Thanks BB :D 



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