I resigned my Library job with TWU in mid-December after my boss and I reached an impasse over what constituted reasonable work expectations for a Librarian I, Cataloger. She absolutely slammed me in my annual performance review with no advanced warning or counseling or anything. She then set up basically impossible conditions, and it was very clear that she was trying to run me off and was setting traps to get me fired. I tried to talk things out with her but failed every time, because her mind was made up. I eventually got pissed off and just quit; In retrospect I should've let them fire me, because at least then I'd qualify for unemployment compensation, but as things are now, I've had to fall back on my parents for support. I'm very lucky I'm able to do this...not everyone can.

I also hoped I could waltz back in at my former job but that company is under a hiring and promotion freeze for the foreseeable future, so that's not going to pan out right away.

I'm carrying a lot of debt that, while manageable when I was still employed, is going to become huge the longer I'm out of work...which for another librarian position could be awhile. Of course I'll try to find office temp type work in between, but even those jobs are hard to find now.

To tell the truth, I never felt "at home" in Denton, not even after 2 years. And I have always hated Dallas. I still hate Dallas. It feels good to be back in Sugar Land/Houston, familiar territory, and I even have some old friends still around in the Houston Freethought community. I attended the HCOF Coffee social last Sunday.

I had been missing the free Anime nights @ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema West Oaks, and now I'm able to attend the screenings again. In fact I'm going there tonight.

I've mostly got everything unpacked and stowed away after the move (we moved the day after Xmas).
Had to have some long and unpleasant conversations with my parents about my mismanaged finances, which upsets them more than my job situation. But at least we are coming up with a plan of action that I think will work.

I may also start attending the Henry David Thoreau UU congregation in Stafford, TX as they are welcoming to non-theists and are about the only venue left open for progressive thought in all of Fort Bend County.

I'm going to be applying to public library jobs in the area, but I know these will all be longshots.

The last month on the job was a living hell. I'm at least glad that's over and done.
My parents want me to keep a lower profile as long as I'm living with them, so no more "in your face" atheist t-shirts, etc. I even got rid of my "Infidel" t-shirt in English and Arabic, a kelley green XXL shirt with white lettering. My parents were seriously freaked out by it, so to keep the peace, I ditched it (put it in with a bunch of old clothes that didn't fit anymore that we gave to charity).

I can understand....they don't want some nutcase burning a cross on their lawn because of me, or anything. They were nervous about my Kerry/Edwards sticker that I kept on my car until Kerry fully conceded (and made a liar out of Edwards). My car got egged every so often from 2004-2007, too.

I have more subtle, less "in your face" shirts I can wear and still "represent" to fellow nonbelievers in Houston, which is what I'll do.

I also like that HMNS has a branch here in Sugar Land, but admission is pretty steep for non-members. I need to get an HMNS membership AND renew my Friends of Fondren Library membership over at Rice U. as well. Luckily I'm pretty sure MFAH has free Thursdays still, and CAMH is always free. Houston is way more accessible from Sugar Land than Dallas ever was from Denton.

I am sorry I will not be around to see Denton finish its light rail project connecting it up with Dallas via DART, that will be cool--I was looking forward to that. Maybe Houston will expand its light rail eventually as well beyond the Main Street corridor.

Well, basically only logged on to update a few details on my Atheist Nexus profile, like my hometown info, etc.


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