Astronomers and the like say that the Background Microwave Radiation, that is present no matter where a Radio Telescope is pointed, is the residue of the light from the "Big Bang" that created our Universe. I'm pretty sure they say that over time (10 - 20 billion of our years) the frequency of the light, from the "Big Bang", has slowed down to the frequencies in the MicroWave band.

Ok......That is both acceptable and unacceptable to me.

Acceptable>  Light traveling for billions of years, I suppose, could slow down in Frequency to
                     the MicroWave band and less. Ok nuff said on that point.

Unacceptable> Astronomers can actually detect this Background Microwave Radiation.

Before I go further I must explain the "Big Bang" the way I see it.

1. Astronomers and the like say the "Big Bang" started from a small area that was smaller
    than the head of a pin. I can not accept that. I'll give the astronomers the benefit of the
    doubt and say the OBJECT was the size of the Earth. I'll call this OBJECT Origin-otbb.

 Note: EVERYTHING, no matter where its at, seeks equilibrium and the Space that
          Origin-otbb is in I'll call, for the lack of a better term, Primordial Space.
2. Something, whether internal or external, takes Origin-otbb out of equilibrium and it
    begins to expand. Like a SuperNova, but on a scale that would make a SuperNova
    seem like a gnat fart.

3. Origin-otbb is an object with a concentration of gravity that is almost unimaginable.
    While Origin-otbb is expanding the gravity is still HIGHLY concentrated and will
    not allow light to escape (yet).

 4. Finally Origin-otbb expands to a point that the concentration of gravity has
     lessened enough to allow light to escape. So....I think you can say that the first
     indication of the "Big Bang" is light.

5. At this point we have a central point, Origin-otbb, and light moving OUTWARD in
    ALL directions from the central point.

6. Billions of our years later the "Big Bang" has coalesced into what we see today. But
    the light or residue of the light is still moving outward from the central point. The
    path of light can not be changed unless acted upon by an external force or object.
    Plus, you can't see light that is moving away from you. It must be coming towards
    you to be able to detect it.

One final note; Astronomers, whether Radio or Optical, are viewing celestial objects
                       as they were in the past Not as the celestial object is right now today.
                       Also since we have not seen whats beyond our limited vision (limited
                       by time) the other 90% could be there.

So my question is..........What is the Background Microwave Radiation?

Could it be light residue coming into our Universe from other "Big Bangs" in
Primordial Space?


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