My grandma gave me this Christian book today. (I spare her the knowledge that I'm an atheist. She wouldn't be able to handle it.) She likes Joyce Meyer. Some of you who have been Christians may recognize her name.
My first thought was that the title by itself says a lot about the mentality. I know that I battled fruitlessly 24 hours a day when I was a Christian and now I have peace with myself and my thoughts. I of course sometimes feel confused and now and then attempt to adjust my attitude and outlook on life but my mind is never a battlefield. I view my mind (feels wrong to say because I essentially AM my mind) as what teaches and guides me. I pay attention to my thoughts and how they effect my emotions. Besides stress management and trying to focus, there is no need to reign it in.

From page 16, this is the kind of shit that made me lose my mind as a Christian:

1 We are engaged in a war
2 Our enemy is Satan
3 The mind is the battlefield
4 The devil works diligently to set up strongholds in our mind.
5 He does it through strategy and deceit ...
6 He is in no hurry; he takes his time to work out his plan

The whole thing is a formula for confusion, disaster and disappointment in oneself.

The book is pretty typical, mixing insanity with bad pop psychology. A wonderful combination that would turn anyone's mind into a battlefield.

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Comment by Jay Gilb on March 26, 2009 at 11:22am
My Grandma used to send money to some church in Kentucky so that they would pray for my soul.
I would receive a post card annoucing that 1326 people are praying for my soul so that I would not burn in hell forever. I received about 4 a month for many years.

I never told her about my lack of belief, but the old die hard Catholic just knew.
The best time was during one Christmas when all the other grandchildren got 10 dollars and some new socks for a gift. When I opened mine it was a magnetic refridgerator hanging made of foam that showed a picture of a sad puppy forced to sleep outside of the dog house while all the other pups were inside with their mom. Printed at the top was "Bad puppy can't play games with the others".

I burst out laughing and when my mother saw it, I had to hold her back from killing my grandma.
Makes me smile just remembering it.
Comment by cj the cynic on March 25, 2009 at 11:18pm
I truly feel sorry for those who feel that their mind is the home of a constant war between good and evil. No one should live like that.



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