Recently, a friend on Facebook made a brave break by positing that Christianity hangs about the necks of African Americans like a millstone and is responsible for much pain and suffering. Of course, his claim was immediately rejected and shot down with some even saying that "My Jesus would never do such a thing."

But lost in the cacophony is the realization that Jesus if his story is even true, is Jewish construct introduced in the New Testament. However, many are unaware that the stories of divine saviors such as Jesus can be found in numerous religions that existed before the Bible including crucifixions and rising from the dead.

Christianity did little for blacks during slavery except give their masters a rule book for the treatment and worth of slaves. It's there in the Bible. Two examples are featured in the picture that accompanies this piece. There are others. No, black churches did more for the American Negro than Christianity could ever do. Many forget or didn't know that many Africans captured and brought to this country already had religion and it wasn't Christianity. Some religions were indigenous to various tribes while others were Islamic.

For many slaves and even followers today, it is a psychological palliative that is very similar to meditation. Nevertheless, that reply to my friend's post particularly caught my eye because of its rank and uninformed arrogance by claiming the Bible is "so" because it is the word of God. In structured logic this is what is known as appeal to tradition or also known as an appeal to antiquity or appeal to common practice, meaning that is the way things have always been done so it must be true.

It can also be a logical fallacy known circular reasoning in which the person making the argument that starts when the reasoner begins with what he or she is trying to end up with. Sometimes it is also called assuming the conclusion. Or, ending at the same place they started, which as stated is also known as a circular argument.

Interestingly, African Americans are the most likely to have two Bibles in their home, but few could tell about the Councils of Nicea or the Council of Trent three of the most important events in compiling the Bible and its stories many of which were direct lifts from Kemetic and Babylonian sources.

Still, it was somewhat irritating to see a friend catch grief over their thoughts, especially in such an illogical and unreasoned fashion. Arguments don't work that way. Claims based on feelings, emotion and early life training are not sufficient. You may believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior to all, but that is not how the world works. In fact, there are a more than a billion people willing to argue the point and they would get snagged in the same traps of logic.

Avoid unsupported statements and don't judge another's beliefs. They may not be yours but surely they are theirs. Never use the original source as the basis for a positive argument. It's the same as saying, "Because I said so."

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Comment by Frankie Dapper on July 24, 2017 at 3:13pm

Ya, if the thing can authenticate itself then comic books and delusional writings of paranoid schizophrenics are on an equal footing with the bible. 

Yes, religions have their precursors. How is that that even theists who realize that their divinely inspired text is in fact an appropriation that a spark is not ingnited?

And then there is the paradoxical apology for the book that was a justification for slavery that was often given. The pretext for an unjust social order...

Then again i shake my head at gays and women who are fervent believers. 



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