I know its been a while and I might be rusty so I'm going to make this blog a short one.

Recently I realized a couple of things. First of all, One of the commandments is against adultery but in the "conception" of Jesus god, who is not married to Mary, produced Jesus out of wedlock. FAIL!

Secondly the 'rock' of christianity is that god sacrificed his only son in order to forgive us of our sins that he created. Let me ask you this; if I told you that if you were tortured and killed all the suffering in the world would end would you do it? I'm sure a few of you might. Well how about this; I give you the same offer but as a kicker I say that three days later you would be resurrected and would be god. I bet quite a few more of you would do it. God never sacrificed anything. Jesus died, then was brought back to life. That isn't a sacrifice at all. If you give something up then get it right back its hardly even a minor inconveniece.

yet again religion falls on its face.

May god be less

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