, Creationist Haven, No Intelligence Exists In Advocates Of That Website!!

A friend of mine who enjoys trolling websites posted a comment back in 2012 on the Creationist Haven called

I allowed him to use my Account and Alias on this site, because I had stopped trolling it myself as I considered such site full of complete Idiots as a waste of time, since they either don't reply for weeks or they simply scrub the posts if they find them too alarming.

This site ( supports Creationism, Illuminati Conspiracies and the most Idiotic, End Of Time prophesies.

Thus, supporters or Advocates of this site are Extremely Naive, Ignorant and Totally Irrational.

Since a person is required to be Rational to be considered as Intelligent in this age of information.

All Advocates on, thus must be Extremely Unintelligent, regardless of their birth IQ level.

Here is a recent response to my friend's 2012 post.

Notice how long it took this Dumbo to post a comment and why would somebody even try to reply to something that was stated nearly 2 years ago.  Certainly not a sign of Intelligence.

Here is a screenshot where somebody with the Alias of Tom, attacked my friend on the Global Flood nonsense.

Notice Tom bragged about having an IQ of 140 as if this gives him some creedance at all.

We all know that Indoctrinated (mindware contaminated) individuals of extremely high IQ levels can be extremely dumb morons, who make more stupid mistakes and have more idiotic concepts than a person of an IQ of 80 and a reasonable Rationality.

I'm Going to Introduce a term here I call "Functional IQ" (fIQ), since RQ standards and measurements still have not been formulated.

I define Functional fIQ as the persons current ability to Function Intelligently In The Real World.

I also devised a Formula that uses Birth IQ (measured IQ using standard testing) and adjusts this according to their percentage of Rationality.

Most people with a Birth or Potential IQ, never reach their full potential, because Mindware Contamination in some form will reduce their Potential.

A person with say an IQ of say 140, may only have a functional IQ of 110 or below because they are not fully rational.  The less rational a person is, the lower their functional IfQ becomes.

I calculate it as being Potential/Birth IQ * ( %Rationality / 100 )

In other words, if a person has a potential IQ of 140, like Tom, and they are only Half Rational, then their Functional IQ = 140 * 0.5 or 70.   Which Tom is likely below.

My friend who has a Potential of 150, is quite rational, of around 80% rationality, he blames his bursts of irrationality on his drug abuse days where he experienced many hallucinations, so thus his  Functional IQ is around 120.  Much higher than Tom's.

BTW: Tom doesn't realize it but the poster he is attacking happens to have an IQ of 150 and is also extremely Rational. So the writer's functional IQ is very likely equal to around 150.

Tom's equivalent ( Functional IQ ), when taking his Irrationality of relying on his IQ to make his statements correct is very likely around 50.  Because people that are as Irrational as Tom, would lose 2/3rds of their IQ points in being so Indoctrinated into extreme Stupidity.

Nobody who believes in Creationism has a working (Functional) IQ over 80.

Because that is impossible.

Children born with a high potential IQ, like Tom will have their actual fIQ reduced by Indoctrination into Superstition. The greater the Fundamentalism, the greater the reduction in fIQ.

Yet I know of people with only a birth IQ of 110 who are so very rational that they appear to have a fIQ far greater than that of Tom's claimed 140.  Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki who has his own Science show is one such great mind. He admits to having an IQ of 110, yet nobody believes him, because he is a brilliant man with a keen, sharp, inquisitive mind, so his functional IQ is roughly equal to his potential IQ, because he is close to 100% rational. Most people with a Potential/Birth IQ above 140 their fIQ would fall below 110, especially if they have been indoctrinated into superstitious beliefs.

To use one's IQ as a form of Authority as Tom did, is a Logical Fallacy, "appeal to false authority" (himself). His Narcissism is thus extreme, which is often the case with Fundamentalist Christians, because Christianity was built on extreme egotism.

Fundamentalist Christians are thus all Megalomaniacs as was Moses and Jesus Christ.

The greater the Indoctrination towards Fundamentalism, the greater the reduction in their Functional IQ.

Tom's Functional IQ is likely between 50 and 80, though once he may have had a potential IQ of 140 as a child.

This is why Childhood Indoctrination is Child Abuse!

His parents/guardians/indoctrinators have reduced a once capable, potentially intelligent child into a completely Unintelligent Sycophant for Irrational Stupidity for the rest of his life.

I couldn't consider such damage to a child's mindware like Tom's, as anything other than Child Abuse!

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Comment by Michael Penn on January 28, 2014 at 7:28am
People will do anything to prove that the old ancient book written by ignorant tribesmen is true and accurate, making a laughing stock out of all the world scientists. It doesn't matter that so very many areas of science have to fit together like a hand in a glove for scientific ideas to be true, and that this encompasses many areas and fields. They want the bottom line to be "god said it, I believe it, and that settles it." (Sorry. Maybe that was Constantine?)
As for IQ bragging, does the military use IQ tests today? When I was in the Army in the mid 60's everything was "general technical." My GT score was 120. We never had IQ tests, and I haven't got a clue as to what mine is.
Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 27, 2014 at 5:02pm

Though the other fun thing about theists throwing their IQ levels at me as a measure of the truth of their stupidity, none have bettered my own measured IQ.

LOL   :-D~

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 27, 2014 at 5:00pm

Actually Loren, I like my simplistic Functional Intelligence formula because it does stir up Theists.

The one I highlighted above is not the first, but one of many, many times they try to throw their measured IQ at me as if it means anything in supporting their argument.

I then point out that they are only 30% rational in their concepts so to get their real intelligence they should divide their IQ by 3.  They hate that.

This is why I posted this Blog, so other Atheist can play the same IQ adjustment for reality game with Theists who try to assert themselves as intelligent by using IQ levels.

Truly, most Extreme Fundamentalists (regardless of belief) only have a functional Intelligence no higher than half their IQ level.

George Bush had a measured IQ of 120, fairly average, but he was a Xtian Fundy whose decisions and speeches were only 60% rational, so Bush's functional IQ was more likely 72.

Which is not a good person to have as a National Leader.

The US choices of fairly unintelligent National Leaders is a disgrace.

It's about time they put all politicians through some kind of intelligence testing.

Until there is a standard for RQ testing they can use my formula.

Taking into account the apparent rationality of their decisions, personal beliefs and speeches as a measure of their measure for rationality percentage.

That way they are more likely to get a Rational Critical Thinking leadership.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 27, 2014 at 4:44pm

True Loren,

The ID Discovery Institute demonstrated clearly that ID is only Creationism dressed up when they released their "The Wedge" document which outlined their goals for the future.  It was riddled with Christian and For God, destroying the Materialistic atheistic views etc....

This document destroys any notion of them being a scientific based concern and destroys everything William Lane Craig and other Lunatic ID apologists try to assert.

Comment by Loren Miller on January 26, 2014 at 7:24am

The problem with guys like Brown remains the same problem faced by organizations like the Discovery Institute and other creationist cabals: they have yet to produce so much as one study, paper or article which could hope to survive a peer review.  At some level or other, I suspect they know that their work has no chance of gaining approval from such a review, so they resort to idiotic sniping at others, mostly as a diversionary measure, which only exacerbates their flawed appearance.

I don't know how hot it has to get in the kitchen before they will be moved to leave.  About all I can suggest is to continue to pour on the coals.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 26, 2014 at 7:03am

BTW: If anybody thinks Tom is intelligent in following Dr Walter Brown (Creationist Retard), think again:

Here is the NCSE's reply to Walter Brown's utter Nonsense.


Brown is only an Engineer, yet claims knowledge in biology, anthropology, archaeology and paleontology.

Typical Creationist claiming to be a Scientist, yet broadening their field so wide that they could not possibly be more than laypeople in all and expert in none.

Essentially Brown has no expertise in any of the fields he writes about.

Yet, clowns like Tom, attribute Authority to such non-experts as Brown, over true experts in these fields.

Creationism is nothing more than a perfect example of the false appeal to authority, fallacy.

Thus it can only ever remain a Fallacy.



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