I know I'm behind the times but, I just saw the Debate(?) between Matt Slick and
Matt Dillahunty. I have to admit that Matt is Slick. I don't know about other people but,
their debate, to me, was weird. Slick appeared to try, exceptionally hard, to win the
debate through confusion and get Dillahunty to admit something. See I'm confused.
But, true to form, Dillahunty slammed Slick at every point.  But Slick seemed unable
to absorb the Logical, Rational and Common Sense questions and answers that
Dillahunty was giving him. I got the impression that Slick only wanted to win the debate,
no matter if he was right or wrong.

Well, to move on. I heard, on The Atheist Experience, that some theist wants all,
proclaimed, Atheists to be registered. Even though it wasn't meant to be, there's some
good in that. The only bad in it is if Reverend Hitler used that list to kill 6,000,000 of us.
Check out German history, about 1939 - end of WWII and don't just read the headlines.

I guess we could use that list also. Anyone not on the list would be our............Hmmmm.
Not a good thing for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I, as an Atheist, would never kill someone just because that person believed in a goD.
But, on the same note, if that persons belief motivated actions threatens me with bodily
harm and/or death, you better believe I'll pop a cap in his ass so fast you won't even
hear the shot.

Anyway back to registering Atheists. If we have to register so do the theists. Only fair.
But, I want to go 1 better. Atheists and theists must carry a coin. The Atheist coin has
a heads on 1 side and tails on the other. We would use this coin to help us with life.
HEADS=YUP - TAILS=NOPE. We call this the Logic coin. The theists will have a
coin they call the Bible coin. It's very simular to the Atheist coin except it has a head
on both sides.

Now here's something that, in a way, makes me sad. I've had conversations with your
common everyday believer and when asked a question like "Do you know what goDs plan
is?". They will invariably say "ONLY goD KNOWS THAT. Welllll DUH! I wasn't asking
them what goD knows I was asking what they know. Are they so insecure in their faith
that they can't say those 3 little words.......I..........DON'T..........KNOW?

An Atheist says those 3 little words quite a bit. Because we don't know everything,
but we are learning something new every day.

Well I've been reading and rereading what I've typed and I think I might have figured
out why theists seem afraid of those 3 little words. If people asked me questions about
Astronomy, Evolution and all the other sciences and ALL I could say was
I..........DON'T...........KNOW, I wouldn't like it either.

Well enough of my ramblings.


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