The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine on another site about the origins of the bible. I made the comment that it was interesting to me how people could still believe in the book even with the mountain of evidence against it. An aunt of mine chimmed in asking ,"what evidence?" I went through with her a lot of these evidences. We spent some time on the subject.

After it was all said and done all she said to me is,"I will pray for you." I thought to myself ," I bet she has dismissed all I have said believing it false, and will never research any thing I told her." The I had to ask why. Why would she dissmiss the info without even looking for herself to see if it was true or not? How can anyone believe so blindly as to turn away from facts and logic?

I believe most of this starts from childhood. I remember in sunday school class one morning someone asking the teacher about evolution. The teacher told us that they had to teach us this in school but it was not true. When I got home I asked my mother about it, and she told me the same thing. I even asked about the dinosaurs She said that god put the fossils there to test our faith. Even in my child mind I could sense something wasnt right about all of this.

So I began to understand why my aunt would not hear the truth,and discard it so quickly. The churches brainwash you (mostly) from childhood to not trust science. Even in adulthood I can remember a sermon being preached on evolution. The preacher said something to the effect" they believe we all came from apes', and the congragation laughed. They laughed in the face of reason ,logic, and science.

This brings me to my title point,believers are like Zombies. You have seen them in the movies, their only objective is to eat brains. Even when they are mutilated they still go for the brains.They think of nothing else because nothing else can get through. The believers sit in the pews of the church nodding their heads and saying amen to everything the preacher has to say.Dismissing anything to the contrary.They walk around like zombies not letting anything else get through. They kind of remind me of the ,hear no evil,speak no evil, see no evil monkeys.

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Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 30, 2010 at 12:42pm
My mother told me that evolution was god's tool. My parents never denied the obvious facts of science to me. I think it made leaving religion harder.

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