When it comes to morals, it seems that Christians never rise above the belt-buckle unless it is to peer behind a brassiere. Genes for sexual obsession passed down by the Catholic Church obviously did not mutate over the centuries, as today Christian leaders remain excessively concerned with who's doing who, how they are doing it and if there are any naked people or pictures anywhere near.

To be sure, there is a need for watchdog organizations and laws keeping dangerous sexual predators, perverts and traffickers out of civilized society, but those are jobs for civil authorities, not antediluvian
religious opinionizers trying to transport the United States back to the Dark Ages. There is no Lasik’s Surgery for tunnel vision of this sort, nor is there any escape from the ubiquitous voices ignorance embraced by so many in this country.


Directionless Morality

While the Evangelical Right hunts snipe and the answer to who is in Grant's tomb, people die on American streets everyday of starvation. Hundreds of thousands of human beings die daily in unsanctioned wars while capital punishment continues killing despite its ineffectiveness as a crime
deterrent, but religionists seem unconcerned. National polls by the Pew Research Center and Gallup among others, show the unimportance of other's lives to religionists, as large majorities of Christians support all of these life-taking actions, except for starvation although they are in favor of ending social programs that could make a difference.


Warped Views


Born-again Christians emerge as distinct from other voters on many issues. They register more concern than non-born again adults about abortion (67%), the content of television and movies (60%), homosexual lifestyles (51%), and homosexual activists (49%). Evangelicals' top concern—by a wide margin—is (94%), the content of television and movies (79%), homosexual activities (75%), and gay and lesbian lifestyles (75%). Evangelicals expressed a significant difference
of opinion in the survey in the skepticism harbored toward global warming (only 33% identified it as a major issue) compared with the rest of the population.[1] Evangelicals will soon replace the Luddites when it comes to progress. Luddites will finally escape the bottom of the barrel and move into modernity.


Sexual Obsession

When it comes to sex the United States falls between Caligula and the Puritans with no clear-cut idea of its sexual heritage. To say the country is obsessed with sex is like saying Hugh Hefner publishes a nice little modeling magazine. The obsession with sex comes entirely from religious dogma that is trying to force its ideas on the rest of the country, which produces an interesting dichotomy of those that automatically find restrictions alluring simply because it presents a goal to exceed. It creates a reverse affect in that it makes an already enjoyable activity even more exciting by making it forbidden. Fanatical opposition usually creates a repelling force that is just as strong if not more powerful than the original opposition.


Sex is important to human reproduction, loving relationships, as well as understanding ourselves, but to the fundamentalist Christian, it is a dirty necessity not fit for daylight. Over the centuries, Christianity single-handedly made trafficking in prostitutes, pornography, strip shows, and other adult entertainment profitable, thus the failure to kill it when it keeps resurrecting the beast, dressing it in the clothes of vice, making it even more attractive.


There Are Other Morals

In the United States, when it comes to polls about morals and ethics sex usually in dominates the focus. An investigation of 23 polls from the Barna Research Group, the Gallup Poll, the Pew Research Center, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the Harris Poll, the Angus Poll and more, found that questions about sex dominated every one of the polls. In asking about morality, every poll asked about
abortion, but not one asked a question about business ethics or white-collar crimes. Of the 23 sampled, 18 asked questions about homosexual relations, but there was not one poll that asked about the morality of collateral damage.

Legalization of prostitution was a popular topic and appeared almost 75% of the polls as did questions regarding homosexual marriage. Other subjects included, divorce, gambling, prostitution and sexual relations. When I think of morals and ethics, rarely does sex enter the picture unless it ties to abuse, otherwise the subject means how people treat others, such as kindness, honesty, generosity, cruelty, war, killing, cheating, stealing, misrepresentation, trust and more.


Reality Dictates

My concern about sexual issues such as gay marriage and prostitution is extremely limited, but I have deep issues with the integrity of Wall Street, Congress, and lobbyist relations as well as insurance price gouging.

Doctor and pharmaceutical company interactions are concerns. Cheating in business, college and government are issues, just as killing in the form of collateral damage. Cutting corners in construction and manufacturing, lack of concern for worker safety, lack of generosity for the less fortunate and purposeful obfuscation are certainly important moral matters.


When almost one in five people sit at the poverty level, something is wrong. When Wall Street criminals dupe the people into $700 billion loan to cover their gambling debts and no one goes to jail, something is wrong. When Congress can do nothing, but impede progress and hold the public hostage while playing politics, something is wrong—morally wrong.


We have a morality problem in the country but little of it comes from sex, drugs or gambling as we are led to believe. Are these problems of concern? Absolutely, but not in the magnitude media manipulators would have us believe. Immorality in this country centers on the business community and their enablers, Congress.

Beacon on Hill Dim

While Americans worry about homosexuals teaching their children, industry produces substandard products at exorbitant prices and steals from the government through false billing and doctored books.


Massive amounts of money finds its way to congressional campaigns for future favors, but none finds its way to the impoverished, and none will ever find its way there as that falls into the welfare bucket. That's immoral.

It is unethical and immoral to execute a person when the surety of their guilt is not 99.9%. It's unethical and immoral when religion and government mix to promote abstinence-only sex education that any teenager from any era could tell them does not work. It's immoral when the country has people living below the poverty level and GOP congressmen favor tax breaks for the rich.


Frankly, I don’t give a damn who’s doing who, that is until I see backsides being greased by the same people that have our backs. Excuse me—bucks.

Christianity has enriched the erotic meal with the appetizer of curiosity and spoiled it with the dessert of remorse—Karl Kraus, Half-Truths and One-and-a-Half Truths

[1] Americans Describe Their Moral and Social Concerns, Including Abortion and Homosexuality, The Barna Group, January 21, 2008, http://www.barna.org/culture-articles/50-americans-describe-their-m...

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Comment by Donald R Barbera on November 12, 2011 at 9:54pm
Sentient: I'm glad you listed a bit of Proverbs because it reminded me that people pick and choose from the biblical menu and create religion de jour. it seems Christianity unity is only for census purposes. An article in the defunct Life Magazine said worldwide there are more than 20,000 Christian denominations. I never checked that figure, but with the menu method it is more like several million.



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