I'm a big fan of the Atheist Experience, hosted by the Atheist Community of Austin. Regular host Matt Dillahunty is a fundamentalism survivor who does an impressive and phenomenally eloquent job of advocating the rejection of irrational beliefs, including but not limited to theism. The Atheist Experience is a call-in show, based in Texas, which as you might imagine precipitates calls from all manner of unsavory types. Despite the crazies, the hosts do a fantastic job of staying cool under pressure and offering a strong and unapologetic case for thinking like a rational grownup.

Among the many nasties who call into the show, I've seen few who were so completely defeated as a recent caller, Matt Slick, who also apparently hosts some kind of apologist radio program in Idaho. One can only shudder to imagine the kinds of armed-compound-friendly spew Slick's show must entail. Anyway, the clip below is only the first ten minutes of an exchange lasting over 45 minutes on the show. The subsequent clips are also on YouTube, but they mostly consist of Slick stammering, whooping and yucking off-mike, and dodging in desperation after host Matt Dillahunty slams a stake directly into the rotten core of Slick's cowboy-godbot manifesto.

I'm thinking of a specific moment in this clip, and I'm wondering if you can guess it. Let's see if you can identify the precise moment when Slick realizes he's lost, but would rather die than admit it publicly.

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Comment by cj the cynic on March 2, 2009 at 4:26pm
I love Atheist Experience. Matt Dillahunty is extremely knowledgeable.



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