hey guys. I wanted to bring a discussion to your attention. Basically this is a portion of a thread on facebook where atheists and theists alike try to smash a bigot who agrees with Robertson. Here's the excerpt:

//You wrote50 minutes ago
bigot Delete Post

//Erik wrote47 minutes ago
Johnny = godless

//Kathy wrote42 minutes ago
Erik is a sad hateful self righteous little man. Believe whatever you want. I worship a God of Love, Compassion, and Mercy. It just saddens me that people associate your (and Pat Robertson's) twisted religious interpretations with my Messiah.

//You wrote29 minutes ago
yep. and I think I'm a better person since I stopped getting my morals from a 2000 year old book too.

I care about people because humanity means something to me. You and your distasteful hatred towards anyone who doesn't hold the same views as you really disgusts me. Don't make the other theists look evil. I'm sure there are some kind hearts SOMEWHERE in your midst lol.

Something compells you to decide that people aren't worth your good will. Whether its because they're godless, make (unfounded in the case of Haiti) pacts with the devil, or simply don't have the same bleak and narrow-minded outlook on life that you do.

Johnny the godless monster would help you however I could in a natural disaster no matter how much I despise your outlook on humanity. God never told me that I should or should not.

Even by your own religion (I assume Christian if you agree with Robertson) your views are detestable. Your god washed the feet of his disciples. Are you SO above serving your fellow man?

Take a lesson from the godless, bigot. I have read the Bible through and through and I think that Jesus would be ashamed that you call yourself a follower.Delete Post

//You wrote26 minutes ago
I must agree with you, Kathy. As much as he sickens me, he would sicken me even more if he had an affiliation with my own worldview.Delete Post

//Pete wrote23 minutes ago
So Kathy, was it your "God" that lovingly, compassionately, and mercifully killed the little baby Haitians, or was it the "Devil" that did this and your "God" lovingly, compassionately, and mercifully ignored it? I didnt bother reading the entire thread so this may or may not be currently relevant.Report

//You wrote18 minutes ago
hey, pete... this isn't the place to hold religious confrontations. There are plenty of other places to do that.

I KNOW that theism can be rather frustrating sometimes, but here the theists are trying to expel a hateful opinion from associating with theirs.

Let them. It's ok. At least we can be thankful that not all theists are as horrible as Robertson and his quoters.

It's too heartless to challenge people's religion in times of great emotion. Although I agree with what you say, here isn't the place we have a more important issue to deal with and we shouldn't waste time alienating the moderates or derailing the discussion.Delete Post

So there it is. As much as my mind recited what Pete said, I thought that it was rather inappropriate of him to bring that up here.
Many of us love to force critical thought. We love to ask the uncomfortable questions and challenge people's truth claims.
However, we should not let that mix with our own common sense. Here we had a nice religious lady trying to expel the hateful belief of another, yet Pete decided that he should jump down her throat for believing in god.
She did not come to discuss the validity of god or his problems. She only wanted to voice her anger about a bigot.

The reason that this probably disturbs me so much is I know that I might do the very same thing if I was in a bad mood.

Debate humanely please, fellow atheists. Don't let your distaste for detestable views mingle with your good will for mankind. In Communications class last year we learned about cultural relativism (the principle that an individual human's beliefs and activities should be understood in terms of his or her own culture). Now as I apply it I think that we should adopt "religious relativism."

Judge people based on the content of their character and not on the face value of their beliefs. I Challenged that Erik monster because even by his own religious standards he was evil. We must find the appropriate time and place to discuss the validity of god. Otherwise, we are no better than the religious extremist.

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Comment by Johnny on January 15, 2010 at 10:22pm
By the way, interesting side note: Kathy's middle name was "Coward." I shook my head in wonder as I saw that hahaha what kind of parent names their kid that?



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