A family from Texas is racing to stop a woman from having her toes
amputated, because they want to let the prayer have more time to work.

They started praying 5 heart attacks ago.

The lack of circulation has left her toes black and doctors fear that if they don't act soon, her
condition may worsen.

Still after all the needless suffering that her family and their beliefs have caused her, they are convinced
that their prayer is the only reason that she is still around.

"It's everything," said Dwight Wright. "It's the reason my wife's still here,
I believe."

It is also the reason that she had 5 more heart attacks and the reason why she may die.

She may not have had things progress this far had they simply opted to pray AND let the
doctors do their work.

They have even gone so far as to go against her wishes as she had consented to the procedure at one point.
Her husband feels that it was the trauma and the medication that led to
her consent to life saving surgery.

"I want her here; but I want her to have every opportunity she can have to keep the rest of her foot,
because that's all she's got," Dwight Wright said.

If dogma didn't blocked their rationality they would realize that she also has
her LIFE, and she could have her family if they weren't fighting so hard
to take away every chance she has.

The sad fact is that dogma has replaced common sense here, and a husband may lose his beloved wife
as a result.

Even sadder is it will be his fault if she dies.

He would never know it. If she dies, he most likely will think his was
the right course of action and that she died because their God wanted
her "home".

Not because of the families gross neglect and irrational behavior.


Even if there is a god (against all rationality) do people really think that he gave us brains for us to
develop fantastic medical technology and then wish for us to deny
ourselves the fruits of our intellect?

I understand the need for hope and for the illusion of a higher power for some people in times
like this, but there is a saying about prayer in secular circles;

"Prayer is the only way to do nothing and still think that you are helping"

There is another one even among the religious;

"Pray to be safe, but still put on your seat-belt"

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