Bible Game Show; 'Angry' Gods; Christian Homeschooling: religious Spin Doctors!

The bible thumpers have hired Marketing Strategists, Spin Doctors to help their justifing religion and trying different techniques. Recently, there seems to be more softening up of the religion image in order to draw in those sitting on the fenceline, teetertottering. Also seems to be more marketing and appeals to young adults.

*The new bible game show! Expensive and clever marketing aspect utilizing fun and competition while brainwashing and encouraging ppl to read bibles more thoroughly. Jeff foxworthy is certainly the numbnut he's always proven him self to be.

*Churches are advertising that ALL are welcome, including atheists, non-theists, agnostics etc. People who who feel need to 'belong' to a group (i.e. those who are alone, no blood family connections, experiencing difficulties etc) get tricked into attending sermons, then POW!..before they know it, they feel obligated into monetarily tithing - don't laugh, its happening here in AZ.

*Religion explaining the 'angry' god aspect when tragedy strikes (i.e. theater shooting, hurricane) and following up with the feel-good message that 'thank god' for sending comfort for victims via prayer vigils etc

*Schools teaching bible, religion as an elective- justified that it broadens the minds and brings more monies to schools and provides true diversity.

*Seeing more ads for christian home schooling ads marketing to families, including private and government monies (don't have to pay back) to help parents get curriculum/supplies and $'s to bring in other families.

*PBS's airtime was bought to broadcast the entire republican con. Headline news about Isaac hurricane was broadcast from the republic con.

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