Bible pounder attempting to be funny...or cute...

Joined Face Book. Joined an atheist group. Got this posting from this guy about how April 1st, okay, April Fools day is the only day that atheist have that equates to say, Xmas. Well, I read it and thought about responding to the clown. Then I read that he'll then have access to others on my "Friends" list.
I thought about it, and decided not to respond to the clown. I figured, "why should this twit bother others like me?" So I didn't respond. Wanted too, but didn't.
Now I could have, with something like God made me an atheist, or if money is the root of all evil then why do churches beg for it? But I didn't.
Should I? I mean, just to tweak the clowns nose? Or would that just egg him on?
I've found myself in similar situation with my Yahoo blog. It wasn't over religion, but about the US being in Iraq. I pretty much ended it when I sent those who were rude to me the addresses, phone numbers and web sites of their local US Military Recruiting Offices. Just FYI, none of them joined up. Oh, they had some excuses, but none who took up my offer to enlist.

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Comment by Reality Activist on December 13, 2008 at 7:11pm
Of course, one would have to use an example of reality that can be proven easily or is obvious.
Comment by Reality Activist on December 13, 2008 at 7:08pm
My rule is to cite reality and if they don't accept it as so then mark them down as a fantasy believer. It is never a good idea to debate someone over their fantasies beliefs.



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