Bible Prophecy man tells me "I want nothing to do with you; but first..."

I’m amazed and delighted at the many replies my column “Sick and tired of God-Stuff “ received. While I don’t want to gloss over the wonderful and much appreciated compliments from other non-believers, I found the replies from theists to be downright eye-opening in some cases.

One prolific writer, Mr. BPE, was so offended he wrote a
six part critique, added an epilogue, and returned again
to tell me I’m a typical hypocritical atheist. All after telling me he wants nothing to do with me... No biggie there, but what else he said did kinda floor me.

In my article, I use one example about my disbelief in the god-du-jour by asking how many people do you know who believe in Zeus or Poseidon… well, we have a winner, folks!!! BPE is now the only person I’ve ever even heard of who does believe that – as far as I can tell – every god ever named exists.

Unfortunately, he has declined to elaborate on that one. I’d like to know how he came to that conclusion – the big question, of course, is
does he feel that all gods ever named are all the same god, thus validating them that way, or does he believe that each existed separately, with all the attendant properties assigned to it? I suppose
we’ll never get the spellbinding answer to that one. I can probably go
on living without it.

Another fellow, another examiner, that is, feels that I’m right about the atheism part, but the rest of the story is that aliens are really in control and we need to face that. We evolved because they tinkered with evolution. Hoooo boy.
(Note to AtNex readers - this man is supposedly a FREETHOUGHT examiner, from DC, and he's neither atheist nor skeptic. Sigh.)

And of course, the requisite ‘Hitler was an atheist’ line we hear all

the time showed up here as well. My reply – (although Hitler was Roman Catholic, Stalin and Pol Pot may have been atheist): “As for the 'atheist started wars' - let's first assume that to be true for the sake of this discussion. Atheist wars: 3, Religious wars: number in the tens of thousands. Kinda hard, isn't it, to claim theistic superiority here?”

Another one we hear all the time: “You talk about it too much, so obviously you’re torn up about your claims of atheism.” Uh… no. The article is about being sick and tired of having theism thrust into our faces, and being expected to take it quietly. I’m tired of that because I do not believe, have not believed since I was 14, and won’t ever believe in gods unless one of them sits on my lap and convinces me he’s real… although I’d first consider a

psychotic break as the cause for such an incident.

And the endless "atheists are evil, mean, hypocritical, nasty, stupid, idiots, etc... " I just smile.

One I have not yet answered – "Evolution is not a fact". Ummmm, yes it is. We have incontrovertible evidence for it. It is ALSO a theory, actually multiple theories exist in the field which seek to explain the mechanisms of evolution – but none of them are so absurd as to try and claim evolution has not been proven beyond a shadow of any doubt. Perhaps we need an entire column devoted to explaining this.

The bottom line of my column was this - theists demand we respect their religions. We don’t. We DO, however try very hard to respect the individuals as human beings, and we not only respect, but will fight to provide, anyone’s right to believe what they will. However, how about a little respect for us, as thinking humans, in return?

We don’t bite.

This is the article from reprinted here in its entirety so no one has to leave this site to understand or comment on it. You are, of course, always welcome to comment here or there.

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Comment by Carol Everhart Roper on May 14, 2010 at 1:52pm
Love that Dennett quote. I am considering taking on a science column, too, and if I do, one of the first articles will be explaining the differences between the facts of evolution and the theories of evolution.
Comment by Loren Miller on May 13, 2010 at 2:37pm
Just in case you need a rebuttal for the whole evolution thing, here's a quote, courtesy of the man himself, Daniel C. Dennett:

“The evidence for evolution pours in, not only from geology, paleontology, biogeography, and anatomy (Darwin's chief sources), but of course from molecular biology and every other branch of life sciences. To put it bluntly but fairly, anyone today who doubts that the variety of life on this planet was produced by a process of evolution is simply ignorant - inexcusably, in a world where three out of four people have learned to read and write.”

– Daniel C. Dennett
from Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
Comment by Carol Everhart Roper on May 13, 2010 at 2:15pm
I tried three times to fix the bad breaks in the article ... apologies.



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