Bible verses religious people don't mention or preach about + art for the verses

Have you all checked out "Awkward Moments Children's Bible" yet? It's an Amazon award-winning book and concept. No, I don't own shares of this book or are related to it's creators but I really, really LOVE the whole concept asnd I often share the illustrations on my Facebook page. I'd like to see the author put the art+verse on the backs of T-shirts (large design so easily read) as I'd proudly wear that in public to get people to think - I'd even purposedly stand in lines and position myself in crowds so the back-side art can be easily read and displayed to the masses. Blasphemous?...maybe. Funny & eye-opening?...Definetely!

PLEASE share this project & check out this sites:    web page   facebook page

Some wording from the web page:  It combines REAL bible verses with whimsical illustrations and a translation of the verse. “Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average Children’s Bible) doesn’t pull any punches as the book explores some of the most confusing and at times gruesome stories from the bible. Starting with the old testament’s depictions of foreskins, genetics research, rape, and unicorns, the book moves on to the new testament to uncover little known history of the bible’s roots while asking many important questions about jesus, god. While many of the images might stretch the limits of some people’s comfort zones, the accompanying commentaries found in the back of the book bring context and relevance to each illustration that will likely challenge many readers. Each commentary also includes web links and QR codes to engage readers in active online discussions related to each illustration.

-ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Horus Gilgamesh was raised Catholic before being “born again” in college and starting a life of full-time ministry focused on evangelism and Biblical literacy. During his time overseas, he witnessed firsthand the unspeakable horrors that much of the undeveloped world is afflicted with on a daily basis. This lead him to struggle with the problem of suffering in the Bible and take a closer look at the basis for his faith. “The goal of the project,” says author Horus Gilgamesh, “is to challenge readers from all walks of life to gain a better understanding of the content of the bible and its context in modern day culture"

...a conversation piece for the coffee table or a gift for family/friends or a non-theist forward-thinking educational tool - you be the judge. i attached just one of the many drawings :)

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