So I've been back in the Southern United States for a months now so I've given myself something to write about. On I-95, driving from Florence SC to Raleigh NC, I noticed a copious amount of fear inducing billboards geared at strengthening the ranks of the religious right.

One that really stood out to me was one divided vertically. On the left there was clouds and a blue sky and the other had flames and black. Across the bottom it said "Heaven or Hell? The Choice is Your's." The first thing that popped out of my mouth when I saw it was "That's inappropriate!" My girlfriend and I discussed it on the drive. Ideally this would be the last lash out during the dying twitches of religion although intuition tells me differently.

It is very frustrating that guilt and fear are poured on us by the buckets in order to fulfill the theist's wicked agenda. Guilt for the 'sins of our ancestors'. We are born with a piece of ourselves missing because some guy and girl ate fruit 6000 years ago and now we are all damaged goods. I'm not worried about dying and going to heaven or hell. I've been given no REAL reason to feel any other way.

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