After making several heated but ultimately empty threats toward my cats (who saw fit to wake me up at 5 this morning yowling to get out, yet run the other direction every time I attempted to let them out) I came to ponder the following and thought it might be yet another argument in the arsenal against the biblical god.

The bible says blasphemy is the one truly unforgivable sin, right?
I've heard many Christians define blasphemy as the same as "Taking the Lord's name in vain." Which they further describe not necessarily as cursing, but as making an oath in the name of god and then breaking that oath...
So... to them I would ask:

If I were to, say, in the heat of the moment, utter something like, "I swear to God, I'm going to kill you both!" to my cats... which is the worse crime? Saying something like that and NOT following through with it? Or should I actually kill both of my cats, just to make sure I don't get on god's bad side for making an oath in his name and then not following through?

How about if I say it about my kids? or my neighbor?

Anyway, just a silly, 5 am, lack of sleep induced train of thought I figured I'd share with you all.


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