I don't know about the rest of you, but I get disgusted at the piousness of others.

When my golfing foursome ate lunch last week, one of the guys bowed in silent prayer before eating. It was awkward to have to watch him and be silent. I don't know what he said (some words of thanks, I suppose), but I admittedly smirked (to myself).

And how many times have we all heard, "Thank you Lord, for this lovely day" (or whatever)? That really makes me want to gag. I wonder why we never hear thanks for a tornado or earthquake or cancer? But, that's not where I'm headed with this.

Recently, I sat outside in a lawn chair looking over the landscape, listening to the birds sing. I observed the colors of my garden of vegetables and flowers, my fruit trees, the fragrance of a blooming basswood tree (with the buzzing of bees), my hard earned brick driveway, and fields of corn and beans surrounding my property. I took it all in.

Who was responsible for all that? Certainly not an invisible being. Nope. Man (me) and nature take credit. There is no god providing all that's good in my life, be it physical (food) or sensual (pleasure). Sure, I am thankful and appreciative of all I have. I'm lucky (with a little effort on my part). Blessed? I won't go that far. Praise some "almighty"? NEVER!

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Comment by Michael Penn on June 24, 2013 at 7:24am

Modern man forgets the significance of prayer over food. He looks so pious showing you at mealtime that he has this significant connection to God, but in the ancient world it was slightly different. Just having the food was a blessing, and in a world without refrigeration, having food that you pray "is a nourishment for your body" was akin to praying that you didn't want the food to hurt or kill you! In many cases the food was prepared days ago and simply remained in a covered container.

Modern man forgets the significance of "food prayers" about the same way he forgets about and changes the meanings of Christianity.



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