parentscape-09When first I turned the key on the Meming of Life, I poked around the Internets a bit to see who else might be blogging about secular parenting. I found four: Noell Hyman's Agnostic Mom, The Atheist Mama, Atheist in a Minivan, and Humanist Mama.

I started writing The Meming of Life in March '07, two weeks before Parenting Beyond Belief was released, expecting to blog for about six months, just to see the book launch through. Still at it, 255 posts later.

In the past two years, a number of blogs have appeared with a significant nonreligious parenting focus, each helping to open that closet door a wee bit wider. Here's an attempted timeline:

AUG 2005
Agnostic Mom

NOV 2005
The Atheist Mama

AUG 2006
Atheist in a Minivan

FEB 2007
Humanist Mama

MAR 2007
The Meming of Life
Belgian Atheist

AUG 2007
The SkepDad Blog

NOV 2007
Raising Three Thinkers

FEB 2008
Humanist Dad

APR 2008
A Secular Parenting Blog
Science-Based Parenting by Skeptic Dad

MAY 2008
PhD in Parenting

JUN 2008
Skeptical Mom

JUL 2008
Domestic Father

AUG 2008
Humanist Mom

SEP 2008
Rational Moms

OCT 2008
Atheist Dad

Our greatest deficit -- the lack of a connected, mutually supportive community -- is slowly being erased. Equally important, this chorus of voices helps us to build consensus about the best practices for nonreligious parenting. So visit 'em, read 'em, comment and link up -- and let me know who I missed.

[Watch for a post next week featuring secular homeschooling bloggers.]

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Comment by Dale McGowan on January 12, 2012 at 6:45pm

Hi Karen,

Wow is this a blast from the past. Yes, I've featured a few secular homeschool posts since then, including this and this (that last one was the one I referred to in this post). There's also now a second PBB blog that is all guest posts:

Click the About link to ask the editor (Rebekah) about guest posting.

Comment by Karen Loethen on January 12, 2012 at 6:28pm

I'm just curious to know if you ever did get back to this idea of featuring secular homeschooling bloggers?

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