Blog post 11-1-2012: The Reverends

I stumbled upon this Catholic Church's Website today (11-1-2012)
This text is prominent on the front page of their website:
Reverend Terry Kerner

Reverend John Sajdak, 
Weekend Associate

I wonder about three things right off the bat with this website:

1) There are two churches, but only one Reverend, why? I know that in religious circles, it is frowned upon to ask why, but I have found that most times when you ask why, you actually find out at least a piece of the truth and that sometimes leads to the rest of the truth.

2) Why does Reverend Terry Kerner need a weekend associate? Is Reverend Terry Kerner grooming Reverend John Sajdak to take over one of the churches? I don't know because I haven't talk to them, but some of you do talk to them. I wonder what a fly on the wall would hear them say to you?

3) This text is half way down the page:
"Naming the New Church
You should have received your ballots this week.
Ballots are to be completed and returned to either Church office by November 1st or by mail or drop in the collection basket."
Are they talking about a third church? Or are they renaming one of the current two? If it is a third church, who will be the Reverend?

Off topic, I have a simple question about the title Reverend: What is the root word for the word Reverend? Isn't it revere? That's like calling me Holy Cane, everyone who knows me knows that that title does not fit at all. Transferring the meaning of revere to the man who earned the title Reverend and unashamedly holds that title makes me wonder about the man's humility.

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