Blood Moon Chapter 2 rewrtten
I was dissatisfied with the existing chapters, the story wasn’t bad but the writing was terrible so I rewrote them.

“I do apologize to you young man but I can not go with you. I am banished.” The old man said.
“My master has the full authority of the Shia Empress Djamila Attia.” Iosif said. “What ever you where banished for-”
“I banished my self!” The old man interrupted.
“I was ordered not to take no for an answer.”
“Do not try.” The beast said. “He is a stubborn old fool.”
“Regardless my orders are my orders.”
“You haven’t a weapon.” The old main said. “How do you propose to force me?”

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Comment by Lone Wolf on December 30, 2009 at 9:18pm
You do not give up copyright when you post. You retain copyright on intellectual property you create unless you give it up. - FAQ
It isn't a werewolf story. Its more a fantasy/steam punk story.
Comment by Johnny on December 30, 2009 at 5:16pm
i'm not all too interested in werewolf stories, but isn't posting this here dangerous? you give up all copyrights when you post passages on blogs from what i understand. It doesn't matter if you have a copyright or not, if you post it in a free and public space, it is free to copy and distribute. I'd be more careful if you actually wanted to publish this book.



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