Blood Moon Chapter 4 rewritten
I was dissatisfied with the existing chapters, the story wasn’t bad but the writing was terrible so I rewrote them.

A large muscular man walked though large temple caring a golden goblet wearing only a long white loin cloth. He had long, white curly hair and a long beard. The large man walked to a large throne on the south wall and sat.
The temple floated a thousand miles above the earth with other floating building around it. It was a large open temple with a single wall on the south end and two rows of gold and marble pillars on the east, north and west sides.
A woman sitting next to the throne wearing white long white and blue dress and long brown hair got up, placed one on hand on the large mans shoulder and the the other on the large mans chest and said: “Zeus, darling.”
The large man pushed the woman off yelling: “Get off of me whore!” He placed the goblet on the arm of the throne and looked over to a young woman in a flowing pink dress and long blond hair. “Aphrodite!” he said to the young woman in the pink dress. “Come here.”

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