Chapter 5
“This is the largest institute for science and sorcery in the world” Yosef said as he, the old man, Wafai, Iosef and two guards walked though a large hallway, Yosef leading the way.
“It is impressive.” Wafai said.
“It certainly is Wafai.”
“How do you know my name? We hadn’t been introduced.”
“Iosif informed me.”
“My hearing is better that humans, I herd the whole massage he sent.
Yosef stopped, the group stopped behind him. He then turned around and in a low but audible voice said: “You are mistaken, he did.”

Chapter 6
The Empress sat behind Yosefs desk. The old man and one of the officers sat in the two remaining chairs. The remaining officer and Yosef stood. One of the guards stood at the door, the other three stood guard outside the office.
“What is this new enemy?” the old man asked, paused then: “My lady. Sorry.”
The Empress looked at the standing officer.
“We don’t know.” the standing officer said. “When they attack they seem to appear out of nowhere. They don’t seem to be aligned to any nation or any resistance group.”
“They have vast resources,” The sitting officer said. “They have thousands of solders, thousand of ironclads and thousand of air steamers. Their solders seem to come from all parts of the world. We have not found a manufacturing base that produced their weapons.”

Chapter 7
Hera appeared in a large smoky chamber filled with forged armer, weapons and trinkets. “Hephaestus, son.” she said walking towards a man with short straight black hair, wearing a dirty singed tunic hammering a white hot sward.
Hephaestus paused. “What do you want?” he demanded and returned to his work.
“Can’t a mother visit her child?”
Hephaestus stopped, turned towards Hera with a look of disgust on his face, he grabbed the white hot sword, pointed it at Hera and said: “You threw me out of Olympia after you birthed me because you though me ugly!” he lowered his arm then yelled: “What do you want!”

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