wow, its been like two-three years since i last posted a bit of anything here.

in that time i've been employed at the mailroom job and finally got a raise and new job title and work at a better site (im a full-time contractor). in fact i have a second job part time at a retail office supply store (hint: its so EASY to work there nights and weekends). its the sign of the times but i am grateful for all of the work i have to do.

mentally, i'm better than i have been for years - i found a good therapist outlet that i have been using for the past couple of years or so - cognitive therapy and no-meds, yay me!

im still at my apartment and i dont have cable or even regular digital tv - and i dont miss it! i enjoy a nice life with friends and loved ones along with hobbies and other fun diversions - and yes, i live on facebook or on MMO's when i am not reading or sleeping. of course i do get out in fact i was at the Reason Rally this past weekend! since im not an active member of AN too much i didnt really hang out at the table in the tent to say hello..sorry :(

I've been fairly out with my atheism, but after the Rally - i decided to step out with my non-faith and i am currently trying to herd cats by starting a NonTheist Meetup group in my specific local area to get together for coffee and such. its a small step but a start! if i dont get lynched or at least be inundated with hate mail...should be a good thing!

i will be 35 years old in two weeks and i am happy about reaching yet another milestone on my life's journey. i was kinda angsty about being in my mid-30s and feeling like i havent amounted to much, but its all about where you are at, i am happy with my life as it is, and welcome positive changes and opportunities!

and all of this has been thanks to,! my self-determination, my wanting to be best person i can be and the support of caring friends family and strangers...NOT praying about it or giving my hard earned cash to fund some slick preacher's lavish lifestyle! or to some woo-woo guru promising some cosmic answer to my problems. 

so that's it for me, i hope to be more active around here - you can only facebook so much. 

thanks for reading, have a good day/evening :)

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